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6/30/2014 c13 44Jest'lyn Tal
I hope you get the inspiration to write more soon. I am really liking the way the plot is unfolding and you've just the right mix of beating' up poor Cash and logical flowing plot. beautiful!
12/18/2012 c13 1Lizaredlion
Please update soon!
7/22/2012 c13 Casismyfavorite
Of course Cas needed some time to stare meaningfully at things :) It's awesome that Bobby is here and is interacting with Cas. I always hoped that would happen. I love the scene with Cas sitting out outside with his "thick, wool coat around him and settled on the top step. His breath fogged the air. He watched it drift away, swirling into the wind. Then he bowed his head and folded his hands." It was very vivid. Very nice chapter :)
7/21/2012 c13 18Carole C
As always, I'm excited to see a new chapter up on this. Hey, Cas *needs* time to simply sit or stand and stare meaningfully- it's what he does best. This chapter wasn't very "actiony" as you said, but it certainly was rich in sensory detail. I felt cold right along with Cas, and the sensation certainly seems appropriate with his current spiritual and mental unrest.

I loved that you brought Bobby in on this. I'm looking forward to seeing how you diverge from canon with him, too. So far, I like your take on S7 better than the official party line.
7/20/2012 c13 18No pen names left
Liked the chapter, loved the AN even more. Cas and his meaningful states. Giggle giggle snort. No procrastination! Write! Cue whip sound.
6/17/2012 c12 18Carole C
Once again, you've hit one over the fence. I don't think I breathed the whole way through this one. I'm on pins & needles to find out what the bells were that Cas heard, and how he wound up on the lawn of St. Teresa's.

Dean's unforgiving anger and Sam's diffuse "it ain't worth getting worked up about" sympathy/apathy are spot on for where they were when this story started.

Not that I want to enable procrastination, but I sure do want to find out what happens to them all next! Deal with your vamp college student, but don't forget to let the Winchesters and Cas out of the box again soon too. Please?
6/17/2012 c12 IvoryRoses
Awesome story! Great writing; powerful yet steady and you keep them IC nicely.
6/17/2012 c12 Casismyfavorite
All that anger and violence that Dean is giving to Cas just shows how much Dean cares about him. When Dean told him "Say something. Explain it to me. Why you couldn't trust us. Trust me. I would've died for you. What about that wasn't good enough?" I was stunned. That moment was very breathtaking and said so much. I can understand Dean's deep feelings of betrayal and you are portraying that beautifully. The end of the chapter where "Castiel looked between the two of them and something inside of him squeezed so tight he couldn't breathe. It had been like this once. Despite the apocalypse bearing down on them, there had been a sort of peace. But circumstances had destroyed it. He had destroyed it." really broke my heart. I can imagine how sad and guilty Cas must be feeling when he realizes how much he lost and much he misses how good things used to be. I hope he can regain that again. Awesome chapter :D
5/31/2012 c11 81Arisprite
I'm really enjoying this story! I found it yesterday, and it's really lovely. I absolutely love redemption arcs, and this is flowing really nicely, so much tension! I love Cas, trying his best. Also, I'm concerned about these bells... keep it up, and good luck with Camp NaNo!

5/31/2012 c11 Casismyfavorite
I'm intrigued by the church bells Cas is hearing-is that what he used to hear when he was getting called by other angels? I have a feeling Dean is going to explode soon. I wonder what is going to happen to Cas now that he is out in the open. Great chapter :)
5/31/2012 c11 18Carole C
Ok, first of all, I'll refrain from quoting Quasimodo. You're welcome. ;-)

More importantly, this is another intriguing chapter. Sam's being internally tormented, Dean's a simmering pit of rage underneath a deceptively calm surface, Cas is hearing an internal summons he doesn't understand, and one of his resin angels has "lost a sliver" of herself... portents galore!

A detail I adored was the nonverbal conversation between the brothers. I called it "eyebrow charades" in one of my fics, so I was thrilled to see that someone else had noticed them using that same form of silent facial communication. WG

I hadn't heard about Camp Nanowrimo, so thanks for including a mention of that in your author's note. The Nano was the kick I needed to get my own novel half-done, so maybe the June & August camps will see it finished! Good luck with yours- but if you can squeak out another chapter of this story, too, I'll be inordinately grateful.
5/23/2012 c10 No pen names left
Just found this story. I am really getting into the plot. I agree tha the boys would not leave Cas behind but dean is going tomgivemhim a hard time. Looking forward to an update.
5/23/2012 c10 4LastBishop
OH, I love your story. I cant wait to read more. I also agree with you about the Winchester inisciation with the family. YOU MUST START OR HAVE STARTED AN APOCOLYPSE TO JOIN. Although, Bobby has yet to. Damn it all TO HELL, WE NEED BOBBY BACK. *Crys*

I look forward to your next chapter, also, has Bobby been shot yet in the story?
5/23/2012 c10 Casismyfavorite
Great chapter! I like the way Dean and Sam are acting. Of course Dean is still angry and stubborn. Sam is hurt but still kind. They are upset with Cas but they still care about him. Perfect characterizations :) I LOVE that they are taking Cas with them- he is family, no matter what happened. I love that :)
5/23/2012 c9 Casismyfavorite
I loved this chapter! I think Dean and Sam's reactions to seeing Cas again was perfect. I would be shocked too. Cas' question at the end was adorable :)
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