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3/17/2012 c1 Anonymous22
This story is cool :) Its nice to see writers like you on fan fiction, using it to help others with proper spelling and grammar. I can't verify the parts about guys coming from a girls school all my life. But if there was an award for the most meaningful story, you will win it in a landslide.
3/15/2012 c1 Me
I will not mention my name under the grounds that I may not incriminate my rights as a law abiding american citizen. But I must say this article moved me it read my short yet pressured life back to me and then lifted the pressure I feel as if a 900000 pound weight has been lifted off my back, what you have written has inspired me and inlightened me it opened my eyes to see the cruel world and its tricks. You pulled me from the edge of the cliff before I fell before I started high school, and for that I thank you. From me to you also on behalf of all the other girls who you saved from a bottomless pit of depression and low self-esteem I thank and praise you.
2/25/2012 c1 14Genderfluid-Lafayette
I really like this. I'm a bigger girl in 8th grade and I love myself no matter what anyone says. I'm always told I'm beautiful and pretty by my friends but I knew that long before. :)
2/23/2012 c1 5fabbiosa
Good job on the grade! And wow, that was motivational :D.
2/21/2012 c1 Just Me
Omg I loved this :)

Its so sad how the world's set this standard on how we're suppose to look and act. If you someone manage to reach this supposed perfectness then good for you, but if your like the 90% of must of us then thats never going to happen. It's sad how vain so much of the world has become in how we judge by the outside and not how someone is on the inside.
2/21/2012 c2 3Daughter-of-Neptune16
Oh My Gosh, thats is so amazing. I can't beleive you wrote that for a project. That is over the top. I totaly agree with everything. See I am in grade nine, almost in high school, and in grade nine every girl you pass by looks the same as the one before her, same goes for most of the guys. Most of the girls wear nothing but black leggings where you can see there whole but, The all have orange caked faces, the all talked the same, and I have to say it is so annpying, yes I admite that i used to be friends with some of them, and I was begining to change, I wore what they wore. One day I was getting ready for school and took one look long look in the mirror, and was horrified, I couldn't beleive what i was seeing, I looked like a superficial plastic brunette barbie doll. I was so disgusted that i ripped everything off, went to the bottom of my drawers and pulled out something that was me, that screamed i am my own person, I wpre something girls rarly wear, JEANS and a normal t shirt. When I got to school, i was getting weird looks from my group of 'friends'. Over the months i felt myself detaching myself from them. Once a new school year started, we were no longer friends. I am no friends with the most dprkest most funny girls i have ever seen, and the great thing is we are all are own person, not like the army of fake barbies. I feel great now and just because i was/am the top athlete doesn't mean you have to hang with the popular people. Know whats funny, if I didn't leave them i would probably be exactly like them. Another thing, I loved to read and do stuff with my family and they all think family is pointless and the have never picked up a book willingly, so they always made fun pf me, but seeing as i was 5'7 top girl athlete of the year, and stronger than most of the guys. They were/are pretty scared of me. I used to hate being the tallest one, I was bigger, I had large thighs from running so much, and i had a lot of muscle. So I felt I had to be smaller, I was quite developed by then and the other girls were flatter than the ground, so I always thought guys like smaller girls. Now I feel great about myself, I am happy for my thighs because i can run so much faster than the rest of them, sure i have a great body, a four pack, yes i do, but i have always hated my feet, nose and ears, because my feet are huge size 10 and a half, noce and ears because the are so small, but i have now come to love them they are me they are what make me. The things you hate tend to be the best things about you, i used to hate all of me but i now have come to the conclusion that i am the most beautiful woman alive(not really, but is nice to think made me feel so much better). So that is my story hope it helps you all with your troubles. Remember that you are your own person don't make the same mistack i did, thanks for reading.

Daughter-of-Neptune16, the very best out.
2/21/2012 c1 35KCitharaAzn16
Thank you for this :) it really boosted my confidence.

Last year, in elementary I was always the one who every guy had a crush on me Atleast once. So I was conceited ... Then now... Grade seven, grade 8 girls would take away all these guys and I felt like I wasn't worth their time anymore. For example the guy I really like and he liked me back, stopped liking me ever since he met this grade 8 girl.

And now I see my peers in skin right clothing and cake faces and realized I don't need to be like them.

But then, once my friend started "bullying" me, I forgt all about that stuff and became self conscious.. But thanks to you I remembered it.

This made my day ;) thanks again!

2/21/2012 c1 Pinapples Don't Wear Bathrobes
I LLLOOOVVVVEEEEE it! This made me eel so much better about myself. I am in 8th grade and I am still trying to get used to everything. I have had low-sel esteem lately (which is unlike myself) and people have started getting to me. I am one of those people who is labeled "wierd" because I have ADD and Dyslexia(I am a Demigod!) and I express myself (I act like 9 year old Nico). I used to be really shy, but in middle school for some strange reaason I have opened up. Lately 7th graders have been calling me names and my friends started talking about me right in front of me. It really was a major blow. This made me feel soooooo much better. Thank you soo much!
2/21/2012 c1 the girl in the coner
I really like it. This is just about my life summed up. This year I started a private school (in which we had to wear uniforms), this school went from pre-k all the way to 12th grade. I started in 6th grade and was the new girl since everyone had already gone to the school for years. I joined the volleyball team and became friends with this girl named Maddy. She was very kind the first three months, then became very mean. She would say things and call them jokes and laugh, for the longest time I became like her to without reliesing it. I still do mean things now without reliesing them, and when I say something to her about being mean she will tell me that I am mean too. My other friends (and hers too, as you know she has been there longer than me) will watch but not interfere, later telling me that when they were new she was like that to me, but would offer no advise. She is the mean girl that all the guys like, and I am scared to say something to her. I am really scared I with turn out like her, what should I do?
2/21/2012 c1 5weiwuxians
Thank you! This really helped me in a way. I know exactly how it feels to be an outcast and loser. I was always overweight and short girl with bad frizzy hair and acne covering my face. I still am, but I've learned to accept who I am. I've never been called pretty or beautiful to my face, only my parents say that, no one else, and I've always felt so insecure, wishing I was one of those pretty girls. Not even my friends, or my damned cousins called me pretty, and when I ask if I am, they hesitate, mutter that stupid lie that they think I'm pretty (I can tell they're lying) OR they usually skirt around or avoid the question. Life isn't fair, nor is it perfect, but it's the only one you've got.
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