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11/23 c2 candrariski155
Uppp pleas
3/27 c3 1huongdaoroma
... abandoned T.T
3/27 c2 huongdaoroma
Kyuubi got the hots XD
11/25/2017 c3 D0uble
Please update. This is the best naruto/league crossover on this site
11/9/2016 c3 Mathew5641
I love your story please continue making it
I am a huge fan of naruto and league of legends
It would be amazing if you continue this wonderful story
11/3/2016 c2 Mathew5641
So far I am enjoying your story and I can't wait to see what happens next I know it ends on chapter 3 I hope you continue the story
10/15/2016 c3 pfft
update plz
7/9/2015 c3 AnonymousReader
I hope you update soon, cuz' this story is one to follow. Keep it up!
3/6/2015 c3 5Warlord Fellhammer
Absolutely love this! I hope you work on it again.
2/13/2015 c3 Notlikehumas
Its so good! Im really enjoying it, and can't wait for the next chapter! Type on, good sir.
10/15/2014 c3 iKaze
Nice story. I like where it's going and where the action is, although I wish that u would progress slightly faster on the story. Hope that naruto and akali gets paired up though! Awaiting the next update and can't wait to read it! Good Job!
8/23/2014 c3 PolarisPrime
Very good if i do say so myself. Keep at it!
7/13/2014 c3 6terafonne
This is a pretty good story, maybe the best Naruto x League xover fic on , but it's not perfect. There's some little things, like phrasing and the way you describe things or the way your portrayal of a character seems a little conflicted that overall together bring your story down to a more mediocre level. That said, it's certainly not bad, and no doubt you're very busy (I'm hardly a fast updater myself) but I think a little extra tweaking would give your story that boost to polish it more. Perhaps a beta may help if you could find one. I do enjoy your story and hope to see an update soon.
4/17/2014 c3 6Thespurgin
hnnn. this is very promising. The potential love dodecahedron between Akali, Ahri, and Hinata for Naruto seems... interesting to say the least. I do hope to see a LOT more exposition and explanation for why the Hyuuga, a clan who would probably self-terminate for the sake of it's beloved Konoha, would be working with the Kumo nation when the Kumo are responsible for nearly killing Hinata and WERE responsible for the death of her uncle (Neji's dad) in the past.
Also, the relationship between Naruto and Sasuke has me confused. It's been described as brotherly, but it seems to hint at yaoi undertones... either that, or I'm being paranoid and misreading the situation entirely.
More please?
3/2/2014 c3 4FreshNerd
Making Naruto have Hinata was a bad idea from start. Now you have to split stories about what's going on in shinibi world, and Mage world.
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