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9/17/2014 c9 Shylo In Wonderland
Oh, please continue! This is so good! I can't wait for more!
4/26/2013 c5 kitanalao
nice chapter. i like the way kanji ways when he taught naoto. it was really sweet. however i have to stop reading and review for now due to my business but i'll be back when i had time. so see you...
4/25/2013 c4 kitanalao
well... that was nice progress. i love how kanji reacted toward teddy. i also took that as kanji first attempt to get close to naoto... i want to see how kanji will teach naoto.
4/25/2013 c3 kitanalao
yu is fine with me. i like how this story progressing. nice chapter...
4/25/2013 c2 kitanalao
nice chapter ... i like it .
4/23/2013 c1 kitanalao
sweet starter... i'll put this to my fav list...
3/6/2013 c1 1Moriarty Joria
I am really enjoying this. Apologies for reading only the first chapter at the moment, but I fully intend to finish it by the end of the day.

Your writing style is delightful, and your characters are spot on! I particularly like the way Naoto lets Kanji know that she's coming back to town. That one short line followed by "SHIROGANE" is so classically her.

Bravo! :) Am looking forward to the rest!
10/17/2012 c9 MFG
please update soon. i has to know what happens next!

10/17/2012 c4 MFG
lol! damnit Naoto put on the swim suit and get your butt in the water or else kanji will throw you in! i kinda feel bad for her. i can't swim either and to top it off i'm afraid of really deep water. i wonder what's gonna happen next

10/17/2012 c3 MFG
great chapter! i had a feeling teddie was gonna suggest swimming lol.
about the protagonist's name, I perfer Souji Seta over Yu but you should use what you're comfortable with. now excuse me while i read the rest of your story.

10/3/2012 c9 10ExtraSaber
An update? Goodness gracious.

Kanji has a crush on everyone, Chie's womanhood is in grave peril of being discarded, and Akihiko is... Akihiko. The plot thickens considerably.

One can really see your writing style evolve over these nine chapters, and it's gotten very pleasant by now. Good vocabulary and flow, et cetera.

You're a super girl saving the world and it keeps getting better.
10/3/2012 c9 1DemonRaily
Awesome to have you back on the track with this story in all it's glory.
I can say that Kanji is not alone here in admiring well toned women, of course knowing the borders of said toning.

Akihiko and Chie have some serious bromance.

Well the think is Akihiko and Kanji are the same in more ways than one, both are well built, tall and not lacking some many scars, even more, both are bad with women, Akihiko probably sees Chie as a bro so he's not panicking. Yet the difference is that Akihiko caries himself with great confidence wherever he goes and whatever he does, and that's what makes him a chick magnet instead of chick repellant like Kanji usually is(Chicks are implied to be females that said person does not know personally well). I hope Kanji will see it sooner or later what makes Aki the man he is).

But well, now when I think about it ChieXAkihiko is not bad pairing, Chie will never school Akihiko for training too much, and Akihiko is probably the only guy in the world that would suggest Chie to eat even more meat and be serious about it.

Now Naoto is doing something in the shadows, probably finding info on the last summer XD It would be hilarious if she got envious and decided to get Aki and Chie together to rid of the competition Rise style scheme.
10/3/2012 c1 2phatmon
I like how this story is progressing and yeah the writing was all over the place but now its solid and I partially like this chapter even if it seems slightly off from the rest of the story it works. I have a weird suggestion for a dramatic like conflict it doesn't have to be this way really and i know there are plotholes in it but this is what i have so far

What if Kanji and Chie started to hang out more and more and at first Naoto is like blowing it off like its no big deal but as the story progresses she starts to see Chie and Kanji being together more, doing things that they have in common and such and Naoto becoming jealous and having a secret confrontation about this to Chie and Chie being defensive or taunting saying something like "You two are friends aren't you? You don't seem to have feelings for him and even so its not like you like him like that or anyone for that matter so why should you care about what Kanji and I do, Naoto-kun?" something like that and they end up being angry each other and have to resolve their friendship. Kanji in no doubt would be in the middle of this, and I can see that he would have to question his relationship towards Naoto as his feelings for Chie grow and Chie starts falling for him (also having conflictions of her own) but Kanji's feeling for Naoto is also there and tries not to turn this into a messy situation between himself, Naoto and Chie. (Suggestion for drama) '

Anyways I love the story! I've been reading it for a while and I hope you continue it, i cant wait to see what you come up with next! well good fortune to you!
7/23/2012 c8 10ExtraSaber
The way you write Kanji and Naoto is seriously adorable. Especially Naoto. Oh yes, Naoto. Her brief bout of giddiness after the beach trip was really quite something.

Teddie is really fun, too. Who woulda thunk he'd go after Yukiko, huh. I wish him the beary best of luck in that endeavour. I also really liked the scene where he looked through the photo album, especially since P4 is a game of many memories for me, as well.

Enter. Chie. I'm interested in you, Chie. Don't lose heart! I wanna see what happened between her and Kanji oh goodness yes.

This is really cool and charming so far. I love the nods to Straight Through. I shall look forward to seeing where Kanji and Naoto go next, the dears.
5/7/2012 c8 1DemonRaily
Wow, Teddie's perspective is quite a rare thing, hard to pull of as good as you did as well. Funny and a bit clumsy as he should be but not to the point of being annoying, quite a nice combo you made.

You know, now not only Naoto is interested but I as well in what happened that summer.

It is quite fun to see how she reacted in idea of Kanji and Chie dating, or rather how she is trying not to. Oh well, good for her that she has the hat to hide in. LOL at the "emperor to her chariot" part, it's hard to read that and not to giggle a bit.

Can see Yosuke's face as he is rejected by Yukari, after all she is an uber b*tch to the max and Yosuke is basically Junpei just without goatee. Well except Jumapei can score a date, even if with mentally unstable chick that caries axes on chains.

Basically a very nicely done update, I hope we will see more soon X3
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