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for Sea of Darkness

8/22/2015 c1 13antiignition
1000 epic words which almost made me squeal. Sometimes we forget L's human too. Maybe because he represents a shinigami so much with those huge eyes and crazy hair.
...Sorry, I ramble when I'm drowning in feels.
11/4/2012 c1 2Eru no Tsubasa
So beautiful and poignant! *cries*
10/7/2012 c1 4CriminallyNerdy
Aww, that was so sweet! L's concern for Watari's wellbeing actually made me tear up for a bit. I've always adored the father-son dynamic of their relationship, which you portrayed perfectly in this fic. 3
7/13/2012 c1 35Gothic-Romantic99
What a beautiful, wonderful story. It's so sweet to see how worried L is for his father. Good work with the line about how L doesn't think he can go on if Watari died. The hug at the end (as well as Watari's comment to the nurse) is such a lovely moment. Very emotional and beautiful. Good work with this story.
7/9/2012 c1 16pokemaster101
Beautiful! So sweet...lucky Matsuda didn't ruin the moment. _

Keep it up! 8DDDDD
4/24/2012 c1 7emilymai101
moved me to tiers. wonderful.
3/3/2012 c1 dawnandmoon
This was so beautiful.

Loved it.
2/24/2012 c1 2Creative Katherine
I almost cried. So beautiful and detailed. Please make another one shot focusing on L's human side!
2/24/2012 c1 1JanJan L-chan
this story is amazing... i really love it

how you discribe every thing... wow

I almost cried while reading this story

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