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5/21 c43 2merendinoemiliano
Quite awesome and hilarious story, my compliments
5/19 c2 Guest
Please don't Imperius me. I really am enjoying the story, I swear! Love your phrase to entice reviews - funny, snappy, brief, and doesn't distract overmuch from your masterpiece. It's really well-written
4/27 c17 Guest
ICW equals the Illuminati...
4/26 c12 Guest
OR! Harry could just acquire a pig carcass, transfigure it into a likeness of himself and, under his invisibility-cloak, animate it like a puppet to walk into the dragon's enclosure during the task...
4/26 c10 Guest
It feels like Dumbledore is setting Harry up...
4/7 c42 hdres
Really liked the Princess Bride and Peter Pan references. The death of Tom was really clever and inventive. It is amazing how many brilliant ideas this story contains plus I liked the balanced portrayal of all the characters, no banshee Molly or manipulative Albus. You even rehabilitated Ron. A fabulous read. Thank you
4/7 c39 hdres
Oh no. I didn’t expect that. Now I will have to read the next chapter and not go to the meeting I should be attending.
4/7 c36 hdres
Nice moment between Harry and Albus. Thank you
4/6 c30 hdres
Great chapter. It is nice to see both Ron and Dumbledore represented as balanced well rounded characters. You have created a narrative that allows each character space and I am really enjoying each chapter. Thank you
4/6 c25 hdres
Poor Hermione. Her whole world has been turned upside down. I am enjoying your exploration of the ramifications of belief on magic. I also like the comedy touches you have added particularly around Ron and divination although I enjoyed the idea of a pink robed greeter at Madam Puddifoots. Thank you for sharing your story
4/6 c18 hdres
Great chapter. Thank you
4/6 c17 hdres
I am really enjoying your story. I like how you are changing the concepts of magic and redefining the world Harry inhabits. I particularly liked the idea of the real ICW being a secret group controlling how people define magic. Thank you for sharing your ideas
4/6 c11 hdres
Fascinating take on unforgivables. I like how Albus reacted to Harry’s questions and how it led him to suspect Moody. Thank you for sharing your story
4/6 c9 hdres
Oh poor Ron. I hope you give him a break. It was nice to see Ron’s point of view and see how circumstances are working against both him and Harry. Thank you
4/6 c5 hdres
Great chapter. I was intrigued by the idea that prophecy could change peoples views but now you have added a new complexity. I like how you have portrayed Albus and his constant dilemmas regarding the wider impact. Thank you for sharing your writing
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