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2/29/2012 c2 OTHSBERKB
Ahh I love this story :) More please!
2/29/2012 c2 2WickedWitchOfTheWest3
Loved it! I definitely need more of this... soon! :D
2/28/2012 c1 Nada
MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE! Please :) It's a great idea for a story, and definitely left me wanting to continue and read more.
2/27/2012 c1 asteria
THIS IS AMAZING! Please do more, :D
2/25/2012 c1 Sucker 4 romance
That was really good, and so sad. I could actually see that happening. YOu should write a sequal.
2/25/2012 c1 2Trapped-in-a-land-of-wonder
Amazing please continue fanfiction theyll be amazing as your videos :D
2/24/2012 c1 Howcute
AMAZINGG!, Will you be continueing to write fan fic? Hope you do!.
2/24/2012 c1 3twenty four7bade
Very cool story, looks like ir ending it, but I think it could make a great chapter story.
2/24/2012 c1 8LLCoyote
First off, yeah I totally have the same user name on every site.

Second, I really liked this. I'm usually a fan of the little novellas people write, but this had a lot of really nice emotion in it. The only thing I'd say that I'd like to see more of (besides the story as a whole) would be a little more physical detail. Not the sex, if you aren't comfortable writing sex scenes I really don't think you should be pressured to do so. We clearly get the point, and the emotion behind what they are doing. But as a general thing just adding a tad more physical detail might enhance the story. Either way, it's great. I want to see more.
2/24/2012 c1 8KendraincupcakesG
Wow:) Ella I'm always watching your videos and I'm so happy that you decided to give a go on fanfiction:) you should absolutely contiune this. I have never read a story like that before and i love it. It's really original and those are the best fics EVER! The relationship between Beck and Jade is great and I think you shoal elaborate more on how they became sex friends in then add a whole lotta drama. Like the other reviews said you should also add the rest of the gang as well:) I can't wait to see what you come up with..

P.S.- upload another The Truth About Forever.. I'm addicted:)
2/24/2012 c1 Jade Taylor-LautnerXD
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Update today! Dont keep me waiting like the other authors it pisses me off! I Like ur story and next time tori says somthing like that to Jade you should make her fire back ok? Sooooo plzzzzz update!
2/24/2012 c1 1c'est la guerre
Love this so so so much :DD I know it's supposed to be a one-shot but please continue ♥
2/24/2012 c1 methree
This is a prologue and a very good one! Now start the first chapter and build on it. Just think about where you're going with it, what's the overall plot? Don't forget to include the other characters. It could turn out to be a great piece of literature!
2/24/2012 c1 1MesaLovesBade
LOve this 3
2/24/2012 c1 12Ella Lea
From one Ella to another, good job!
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