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11/10/2016 c3 Andrea
I really like this trilogy so far! So sad you haven't updated this one in awhile. Hope you maybe find your muse for it again. I certainly hope so! :)
7/10/2015 c3 Guest
Hi! I just love this series! I kno it's been a long time but I hope u update eventually :)
4/21/2015 c3 Guest
1/31/2015 c3 Guest
hope you will give an ending to this story :)
3/19/2014 c3 Guest
i like the story, but just wondering if youll write more. hope so :)
9/22/2012 c3 FabrevansFTW
Read Finding our Way and Found in one sitting. Kinda hoping Found was "completed" too... but just realized it's not. Hope we get to find out what happens next soon! :) Thanks for writing for Fabrevans! :D
8/18/2012 c3 07RCA
This is a very good story! I really hope you update soon cause it's just that GREAT!
7/15/2012 c3 1ccabm18129
7/8/2012 c3 Guest
omg please keep on going! i love this series and i love how u've added in things that have happened in the real series :) u should be one of the ppl writing the plot of glee :) and pls dont do samcedes :/
7/2/2012 c3 Guest
Keep with the story.
6/12/2012 c3 Lovfabrevans
I love this story, I have been reading it since Finding our way. I love it! Can you pleaaaaase update it? It is killing me.
5/28/2012 c3 fabrevansfan
Ah, this is really good! I like all the drama, it adds to the story. Just as long as Sam and Quinn end up together right? ;) update soon, please!
5/22/2012 c1 M
Yay! ilove drama
5/22/2012 c3 Cookie monster
5/21/2012 c3 Mel
UPDATE SOON! I love this story, can't wait to see what happens next!
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