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6/11/2017 c1 6Hazmatt
Adorable story! I enjoyed it!
7/20/2013 c1 6Daisy1966
A little chat between Mac and Stella about a letter to Santa and a Barbie Dream House at the beginning was so cute and lovely! Yes! I thought Mac searched for all the letters he'd ever sent to Santa that his mom had kept even when he was a little kid at that time! I do love Mac admired Stella's devotion and modesty, because it's just her and also it reveals how well he knew her. I also love Mac joked about asking for a GI Joe doll so he could bring him round to visit her Dream House. This is beyond precious because he seldom jokes. Wow! That Mac said he could take advantage of all the years of good behavior he'd got saved up and ask him for a Dream House on her behalf made my heart melt. Like he said, there is no reason for him to do that for her, because people often want to do such lovely things for the persons they love. :) The whole chapter that held a playful yet peaceful mood was adorable and definitely fitted for Christmas!

Thank you so much for this amazing and heart-warming story! I enjoyed and loved this so much! :)
8/26/2012 c1 Guest
7/22/2012 c1 4Stell94
It's a funny idea ;)
I can't stop laugh since I read it.
I like this story although Christmas was a few months ago.
3/20/2012 c1 j7jack
This is unbelievably adorable! Their banter about the Dream House really got to me but my favorite part was about little Mac's undeniable detective skills emerging at that young age. To think that he found his calling in detective work through his discovery that Santa didn't exist! ;D
3/10/2012 c1 6Lost in New York
Yes, Chritmas was a little while ago but I absolutely loved the story. It was so warm and heartly that I smiled reading it. I loved the phrase "She swept her hand through her hair and attempted a breezy, light-hearted smile even though there was a breathlessness in the room which hadn't been there before." Oh that is a wonderful description of what is going on. Wonderful. So wonderful:)
3/5/2012 c1 4Carly Horne
It was really good. I enjoyed it!XX
3/4/2012 c1 14Ballettmaus
Hey, I love how this one turned out, the flow of it, the tone. So cute. Love the comment about the breathlessness in the room, really like the atmosphere that gives. Like how the banter turned out and, as I said, I absolutely love the GI Joe comment. Such a perfect reply :-D
2/29/2012 c1 115ChibiDawn23
YAY for fluffy Christmasy SMacked goodiness! This was ADORABLE. I can see a little Mac Taylor going over that bike with a fine-tooth comb "in the name of the truth of course." And the fact that the Barbie dream house wouldn't have enough closet space...LOL.
2/27/2012 c1 MARNIC
It's refreshing to have some new SMacked fanfics even if it's one shot, especially I it's well written. Thank you for this, people like you will never let SMacked to die. I hope you have some more of these in your drawer. :)
2/27/2012 c1 9Weezle13
Awwww sweet. Its all fluffy goodness.
2/26/2012 c1 29afrozenheart412
Christmas is a year round feeling that should never go away! :) This was beyond cute and romantic, it slid right into the feeling you get when sitting by a roaring fire with someone you love. I ADORE that Stella makes it a point to always write a Christmas list. I hope that the items on the list are taking a day off with Mac and making the orphans at her old home wishes come true. But knowing her, that has already been marked off.

Mac's sense of self preservation was HYSTERICAL at this line:

"Deciding it might be best keeping to himself his opinion that a Dream House would certainly not have enough space for the contents of Stella's closets, Mac settled for a sceptical expression and Stella's face broke into a wide smile."

The man didn't make it to First Grade for nothing! XD It was so sweet to know that Mac went looking for his presents, he's such a rascal! I bet his mom and dad had a handful in trying to keep him from finding them, gah! I love the idea of her getting him a bike though, its smart not as bad as he thinks. Heck after that power outage that disable NYC a few years back, I'd think that he'd want to ride his bike rather than hoof it over the Brooklyn Bridge, or whatever borough he lives in. :)

Out of all of the moments this one was my favorite, not only because of the kiss but also because of the mention of G I Joe visiting Barbie's Dream House. I LOVE that commercial!

"I'll stick with the Avalanche," he said and she shrugged, still smirking. "But I could ask for a GI Joe doll so I could bring him round to visit your Dream House..." Stella laughed out loud and his lips twitched. "Or," he continued when a thought struck him, "I could take advantage of all the years of good behaviour I've got saved up and ask him for a Dream House on your behalf."

Stella's face beamed in a sunburst of a smile and she got up from her chair and kissed him.

"What did I do to deserve that?" he asked, not unhappy at being kissed by Stella, especially as her lips had grazed his on their way to his cheek.

"Because you're adorable," she declared. "Anyhow, does there need to be a reason?" she asked, head cocked to one side her hands on his upper arms, smiling softly at him.

A slow grin spread across his face. "I guess not."

"Good." She nodded once, decisively before her hands slid down his arms to rest on his, her fingers then wrapping round them. Mac slid off the desk and they stood in front of each other, the two of them toe to toe, the faint scent of Stella's perfume fascinating him. She smiled, repeating in a murmur, "Good..."

His lips meeting hers silenced both of them. They met and melded, mouths brushing against each other's before exploring further, drawing closer, touching, hands caressing until naturally the kiss reached its end and they drew apart, staring at each other, shy, smiling, Stella's fingers tracing along his jaw, his stroking the sliver of skin between her shirt and jeans.

"I guess sometimes there really doesn't need to be a reason," he said as their gazes held, her eyes jewel-bright.

She shook her head. "Sometimes it just happens..."

They were silent again, gazing at each other, seeing something new there in them, around them, between them."

Presents are good, but waking up in each other's arms...now that would be an amazing gift to give. :) Marvelous job!
2/26/2012 c1 29Herrera
Sweet and cute story, always a pleasure to read your fics. I like the way you describe their gestures and facial expresions, it's actually like them act.

Thanks for still believing in Mac and Stella's story.

2/25/2012 c1 56BAUMember
Aww cute fic i really enjoyed it i wish this had happened when stel was in the show. I hope u write more fics soon
2/25/2012 c1 1Erkiulis
What a heartwarming story, really! Even the Christmas is over but, hey, who doesn't like Christmas? Kinda reminded me my childhood and my little detective revelations :)loved the theme and the way you carried it out. Stella and Mac's playful interaction made me smile as well :)
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