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for Return of the Droids

3/26/2013 c2 The Ur-Quan
The Ur-Quan hierarchy waits patiently for the new update of this story.
12/9/2012 c2 thunder18
Great chapter Update soon
11/4/2012 c2 imnotraven16
great story
7/1/2012 c2 Guest
Metal Shadow18.

Wall this looks like it will be an interesting battle and I hope you continue it someday, Also I'm wondering when will Count Dooku appear and what will happen when he does, anyway keep up the good work and I look forward to your next update if there is one bye.
7/1/2012 c1 Guest
Metal Shadow18.

Wall to began, This story looks like it could be an awesome idea, I like it so far and I hope to see how it turns out.
4/21/2012 c2 34Cmdr's Monkey
I'm interested, that's what I think. :D

Hope to see Count Dooku soon. Yuzzies vs Sith was never touched upon in the NJO, what little of the Dark Jedi they did touch with was laughable.
4/4/2012 c1 ridershadow
Very interesting start, hope you'll do more soon.
4/3/2012 c1 2revan193
This fic idea is great, I always wanted to see a fic where the CIS will fight against the empire. I just hope that the rebel alliance and especially Luke Skywalker will not be their enemies...

Hm? The CIS army led by the "secret apprentice" of Dooku have Cloning technologies? And Severance Tann (maybe her clone) will also appears in this fic? Interesting... It seems that the empire will be in big trouble :)

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