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2/13 c6 DragonWolf1313
Awesome story so far!
12/11/2023 c1 Darkanaklusmos70
don't bother reading the trash reviews you are awesome and so is the story. it is amazing how much a change in perspective can do to a story!
11/15/2023 c39 4slowissmooth
Thank you. That was wonderfully written.
2/23/2023 c39 Foxhole
I found your story about 2 weeks ago and couldn't stop reading. You are one of the very rare authors that pull the reader into the story, feeling everything the characters feel, the kind of story you hate to see end, but they all must. I can almost picture Hermoine while in the attic hearing a child asking "hey dad where's mom" and Harry answering "Upstairs I think" and a smile forming as she re-writes the 1st line.
Congratulations on a wonderful story
12/4/2022 c39 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a great read! Very nicely done. Looking forward to seeing what you do going forward.
8/1/2022 c39 1battybiologist
Hm, the ending does seem abrupt considering the slow build. That said, excellent characterizations all around. In particular, your Hermione does feel like she would do all the things in canon, and if just a little less certain then also the canon epilogue. Which about lines up with my head canon that these two are idiots when it comes to each other.
7/17/2022 c34 6Chalayne
Good retelling of canon from Hermione’s perspective of loving Harry. Looking forward to it diverging at the end of JKR’s retold story, in the last 5 chapters.
7/5/2022 c12 Guest
Jkr is such an idiot setting up harry and Hermione only to pair her up with Ron. I mean, harry is literally everything Hermione would want in a partner. Somehow she forgot harry freed dobby under Lucius nose, that deed alone could have done it
7/4/2022 c10 Guest
I wonder how thestrals eat in the wild, I would expect to be herbivores since they seem to be docile creatures
7/4/2022 c9 Guest
Loving this story
7/4/2022 c39 Geralcht
Simply beautiful. Although not much has changed from canon other than the pairing ending and aftermath, Hermione's internalisation and thought process re-contextualizes everything and fills my HHr heart with joy. Thank you for finishing the story.
7/4/2022 c34 Geralcht
Give Hermione a break holy fuck. Other than that this chapter was an absolute pleasure to read. In fact this fic has given me life.
7/2/2022 c39 SinisterGod99
wait what?
5/17/2022 c21 sirashacunia
It's been quite a while since that AN, but I'll still do it:
One thing I really like about the story is the scenes with Hermione and Ginny. In canon Ginny is an underdeveloped character anyway, and it only makes sense that she and Hermione would hang out.
The thing I dislike would be - the memoir sections at the start of the chapters. Now, I know those are quite central to the story, it's named after them after all. But it's all this vague stuff mixed with philosophy that just doesn't do much for me, I mostly skim over them.

Definitely a good story up to here though!
5/8/2022 c32 Guest
Still enjoying this - But as far as at least chapter 32, regard it as canon from Hermione's viewpoint ...
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