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9/16/2021 c1 4Daladakea2
Very sweet! I've always stayed friends with everyone on my playthroughs, until this time when I romanced Kaidan. I've been thinking of doing a Garrus romance next playthrough. It seems to be one of the fan favorites.

I absolutely loved how Garrus' translator bleeped out Shepard's curses. Absolutely priceless! I can see that happening. lol!
1/18/2021 c1 2Kotali
I've never forgotten this fic, thouch it's been a while since I've visited. I can't wait for the remaster, so I'm re-reading my favorites. This one is so subtle and lovely and I enjoy his care of her. You're one of my favorite ME authors. You write them wonderfully. Thank you for sharing your work.
1/23/2018 c1 44Lt. Basil
This is so cute :)
4/13/2017 c1 IllusiveGirl0
Wow I love this fic. Its soo cute :)
9/18/2016 c1 2Kotali
Your prose is delightfully light, but illustrative.
And thank you for writing Garrus so well. I appreciate his curiosity about human idiosyncrasies, instead of being overly freaked by them.
He's an adult; with alien companions. I would assume he'd handle such things in stride.
I always thought it annoying when authors write him
as willfully ignorant/socially awkward to further their plot-lines.
I'll be looking for more of your writing.
4/16/2014 c1 asdf
Awwww cuute. And nice characterization.
8/23/2013 c1 3Orchidellia
This is so cute! A little Shakarian never hurt anyone. 3 Great fic!
4/30/2013 c1 Zara
Can't believe how in sync you are with the character(Garrus), i've read a lot of your work and you never cease to amaze me.
12/6/2012 c1 27The General G of K
This was so fantastic! I'm new to Mass Effect fic and with luck I stumbled across this gem. FemShep seemed perfectly in character (thank God because if I had to read one more where she's obssessing over makeup to seduce Garrus, I would cry) and Garrus was so delightfully Garrus. I had no idea he had such a fan following though he's obviously the best. Everything about this was great including most importantly everyone staying in character. Adding this one to favorites. Thank you!

The General
10/12/2012 c1 SilverFoxQueen
Aw, that is kinda cute. I would be really curious to see this taken all the way through. As you said near the end, no one goes through the things that Shepard goes through (whichever path you chose for him/her) without it giving them issues. It would be really nice to see Garrus supporting Shepard like that, even if he has to badger her into it at first. Also, you can't be strong like she is throughout the whole 3 games without hitting overload and falling apart. If you think about it, that would be about 3 years or so of constant fighting. Going from Eden Prime to the Collectors blowing up the Normandy, then straight back into the fight when she wakes up. No down time, no R&R. There is a reason we tend to have Sat and Sun off and why there is R&R for soldiers. Either way, very good story here. Nice job.
9/18/2012 c1 merlincrazy
Oh the Mako. Bane of my existance. I rejoiced to the heavens when it was gone in Mass Effect 2. Shepard never sleeps either. Cute oneshot!
9/13/2012 c1 11I'mNotGoodAtThis
I love your writing. Garrus/Shepard buddy fics really are the best.
8/20/2012 c1 9Thanatos34
Aww, this was so good! So well-written, too. Definitely gonna check out some of your other work.

Well done, and thanks for sharing!
8/6/2012 c1 5soul-of-insanity16
Perfect in every way imaginable. Keep writing.
7/27/2012 c1 1EveyDawn
Very cute. I read a few of your other Shakarian fanfics, ones that mentioned this. :D Good job
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