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2/10/2013 c15 1Victoria Thurlow
Also where's Gibbs?! :) x
2/10/2013 c16 Victoria Thurlow
Hhhmmm what should be on the news? Idk ... maybee Scorpia have posted like a thing about Alex being a missing kid or something to try and flush him out? So he cant really go anywhere without normal citizens and stuff pointing him out aswell?
No ideaa so good luck with that _ It's really good though, love Alex asking for Vodka as stuff steps up a level :D
2/8/2013 c16 xDarklightx
I like it. Update as soon as you can.
2/8/2013 c16 Nessa2685
You call Dr. Three and I'll call the Sarge and have him envite you to Breacon Beacons!

Also, you should do the threat that SCORPIO made.
Have them reveal who Alex is.

Those alwayse lead to...interesting...occurances.
2/8/2013 c16 1BatfamilyFan01
Kidda knew those guys were scared of alex, its nice to see it confirmed
2/8/2013 c16 J'aime lire
Oh no! Why is Alex on the news?! :O
2/8/2013 c16 Darkangel1909
great chapter I like the way you portrait the characters
can't wait for the next chapter
2/7/2013 c15 15LeifIsAUnicorn
lol I think I like the SEAL team. At first I was like meh but now...
1/29/2013 c15 Atheriia
This is one of the best Alex Rider fanfics I've ever read and I cannot wait until you update again! No suggestions because you are already doing awesome! Please please please update soon!
1/28/2013 c15 1bookworn2340
Im reviewing im reviewing! JUST GIVE MORE!
1/28/2013 c15 4TomC
Thanks for updating. Some feedback: there's something about your dialogue that makes it feel like the group is sprinting through the conversation. That can work to your advantage when you are trying to give the sense of snappy patter. But as an unrelenting pace, it gives a less realistic feel to the scene. YMMV
1/28/2013 c15 1Reyna Potter
Cool chappie :D
1/28/2013 c15 Nessa2685
If you don't update soon, we'll find you and use chinese (sp?) water torture on you.

Consider yourself warned.
1/28/2013 c15 3SecretAgentBobJoe
This was a great idea to have a reunion, I love this chapter! Please update really soon!
1/28/2013 c15 2Crazy-Random
Haha.. Ziva innocent? I would eat my ear if that we're true. I like the whole scar game thing too. Please don't not update!
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