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12/28/2012 c11 2GreenDrkness
ooo busted Alex
Keep on the writes
12/28/2012 c11 36Rrit
Good story so far
12/28/2012 c11 xDarklightx
Update soon.
12/21/2012 c10 4RapidWaters
I love this, why do all my reviews seem to ask for updates? Well never mind, I still hope you do update soon because your story really is amazing!
12/21/2012 c10 3Rach42
This is a good story, cant wait to find out what happens. Please update soon!
12/12/2012 c10 2Hazel-theTheatreGeek
You're story is really good. But shouldn't the team ask about Alex's 3 cm above the heart bullet wound from Scorpia. They have seen his scarred chest and NCIS should know a bullet wound when they see one.
12/10/2012 c10 2Crazy-Random
Longer! Or shorter... I just want more!
12/9/2012 c10 1Reyna Potter
Great chapter!
12/1/2012 c10 12iamlordmoldyshorts
Getting interesting.
More cliche'd, mind...but interesting none-the-less.
I await the next chapter.

11/30/2012 c10 2GreenDrkness
I honestly don't care how long just as long as there will be updates
Oooooooo this is getting up and PERSONAL XD
Kelp on the writes
11/19/2012 c10 1GinaStar
Short, long..don't matter to me as long as we get chappies grin Loved it!
11/19/2012 c10 I am a ninja
Okay, I jut want to tell you I'm loving this story! You have hit everyone's personalities perfectly, and its really fun to read. Amazing job so far, keep up the fantastic work!
11/19/2012 c10 Xiaoqing
11/19/2012 c10 1bookworn2340
Youre right it is short but i love u for it even short chapters feed the fanfic addiction, now short chapters with major cliffs are just cruel
11/19/2012 c10 Hawkwing-Mistkit
I love long chapters, but I choose the shorter chapters and more regular updates. It's actually faster (progresses the story faster) that way. Great chapter, and I found numerous parts (more likely most all of it) super funny. Can't wait for the next chapter!

For the recap, you should have added "Alex learns that it's not a good idea to blow up a solid steel box with you in it." LOL!
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