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12/26/2014 c15 4WeirdyTheFangirl
I cannot believe you, you meanie DX I reread it, and maybe there's fault on me for that, but still!

!i cannot believe you manage to make me ship Tadase with a crazy, possessed Nagihiko, lawd help me..

You genius, this story is just too good. Rima and Nagihiko should have just gone at it (wink wink) and then MAYBE his death would have been okay, but man Nagihiko's died in so many universes because of you (you're lucky ily and you're a good writer) and Rima's left all alonely.

Siggh.. I'm going to go read TFL now. I'm a little masochist for your stories...
4/12/2013 c3 4Darkdemon's Ashes
whoa scary bro and its even scarier coz im alone in the house o_0!
3/12/2013 c16 washiwashimurder
Oh my God.
Oh my GOD!
I was actually tearing up throughout the story Dx So depressing...I thought for sure that Nagihiko would live, and Rima too...but for some reason them dying makes me love this story even more. Even though my favorite characters died, I FREAKING LOVE THIS STORY ASFHHKL
You are amazing. Please keep writing these amazing stories!
8/24/2012 c16 Silver shihouin
Omg i couldnt sleep. Ur writing is so good that i could not go to sleep
dont like that everyone i liked dies
At least amu and ikto r alive
5/30/2012 c16 6Wisteria Blossom
5/30/2012 c16 3Evidence Of Rain
Ohmehgod you made me cry. The end was so sad, with Rima having the hallucinations TTTT Not that I didn't love it, but there are tears running down my face. Never read this epilogue while listening to the song Paper Planes by Kagamine Rin. You will cry. Hard.

I love the way you ended it. That is a very accurate way to depict how someone might be feeling after that experience. I feel so bad for Amu, Tadase and Ikuto. Having to go through the entire ordeal then watch as Rima stepped over the edge and fell to her death.

Ooh, an open ending. Leaves me with many suspicions. If you want to write a sequel, I'll definitely read it.

I'm just going to put you on author alert right now, so that I won't have to go find your profile and check if you have any more stories out. That was... Amazing. Seriously. I loved it so much. Please continue to write, you're so good! Happy writing in the future!
5/30/2012 c16 7Peachygotit
Wait... so Rima committed suiside? Is that how that went? And Nadeshiko was talking to someone about getting a second chance? would that person give her the second chance? Sad ending, but well written.
Is there gonna be a sequel?
5/29/2012 c16 2ZeldaRulesAll
Aaargh. No, seriously, aargh. And there I was, thinking that it couldn't get any sadder. Nagihiko...I knew he was dead, and yet...

I laughed at the sex. L
5/29/2012 c16 Rei Star
SEQUEL! SEQUEL! As long as its not M! I can't and probably shouldn't.
5/29/2012 c16 44Hazey Rine

XD I can't say much but I have to say that I loved this line.

They would kiss, and then the kissing would lead to touching, and then the touching would lead to sex.

Pftt, I'm a pervert for that but heck yeah for Nagi! XD

This will be short and I just wanna say that I love you for writing this. And I hope you'll remember me as your very first reviewer :)

A sequel? X_X RIMA'S DEAD! HOW COULD YOU THINK OF WRITING A SEQUEL? Otherwise... everything would have to be alive again X_X

5/29/2012 c16 Cutevampkitten03
Oh my jesus! You should write a sequel! I'm gonna be totally sunk in it if you do... and relax, it is horror after all...

5/29/2012 c16 6CLOSED1122
At last, you posted! This was beautiful. It was sort of poetic in my point of view, and, gosh, you've improved!

I loved the ending. I hope he gives her a second chance.

Anywho, write whatever you feel like writing! It'll be great, I'm sure. :3
5/22/2012 c15 6Wisteria Blossom

Teehee Irony at it's finest.
5/22/2012 c15 3Evidence Of Rain
WHOA THERE. Okay, seriously. I did not see that coming. It was really surprising.

So Nagihiko was stuck in some sort of Mu, and then he found them again... Interesting. I didn't really see that part coming. I expected him to fight back, but not try to kill himself.

OHMYGOD YAYA NO! That's so sad... She came back, but then he killed her... *almost in tears* and then Kairi by Kukai... AND THEN UTAU *crying* That's so sad... oh god... GAAAAAAAAAAAH

Poor Tadase... Leaving behind the one he loved... having to go with Ikuto... And in a weird way, I sort of feel bad for Nadeshiko, even though she caused it at all. I mean, I can really relate to her, and I get her reasoning. And when she finally got told that she was loved, that someone wanted her more than they wanted Nagihiko, she was dying alone in a fire. Again. It sort of makes me feel sad.

That. Was. Amazing. Not kidding. I totally can't wait for the epilogue. I haven't read such a good story in a long time. I absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for writing this and letting me have the opportunity to read such awesomeness :3

Update soon please!

5/22/2012 c15 2ZeldaRulesAll
Oh my giddy god. I'm no going to lie to you...I cried. I really did. You...aargh. Nagihiko! The ending! Your geniosity! I sorta knew this was gonna be the end and what a way to finish! I commend you. It was amazing. Evil Kuukai does seem kinda right in a weird way, especially as he killed Utau. You were right, she did get stupid at the end. I facepalmed. But still, I don't really like Utau, so good on you.

I love how you made Nagihiko strong like that and the way you described what it was like to be possessed. There was this random (well, it wasn't random) "not again!" bit that made me laugh. I know it was meant to be serious and stuff, but it was slightly funny and that was great! Tadase was an idiot as always, being in love with a dead woman (hmm, does that mean he liked Nagi, too?), but I kinda felt sorry for him. Not as sorry as I felt for Nagi and Rima, though.

Nagi...adorable to the end...although Rima was less dead than I thought she was. That's the only thing I can really point out... She was being killed by Nade/Nagi and then suddenly she was half okay again... But that was probably an error of my own because I was distracted at some point and got confused with what was going on (that wasn't your fault, you wrote it perfectly).

Wow, yeah...all I can say is... THANK YOU for writing this...

It was really great.

Now I'm going to read it all again whilst eagerly awaiting the epilogue. To quote my favourite band (MUSE): Take a Bow!

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