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12/29/2012 c3 orphanedacount
i know that song i really like it
12/29/2012 c1 orphanedacount
Name: Noel Spencer
Nickname: Nika
Age/ gender: 15 female
appearance: black hair that goes to her shoulders dark make up around her hazel eyes she is 5ft 6 and she has a mysteries look to her
clothing: She wears band t-shirts and black skinny jeans with dark shoes
personality: She is shy but if you get up in her face she will flip out she is also slightly nerdy
querks: when she is getting yelled at she freezes like her entire body shuts down and she gets out of that after a few minutes
history: She was born on the 31 of october in England As a child she was bullied and her mom was sent to Spain to discover a disease and her father has been in war so she lives with her grandma
Family: Her mom Anna
her dad: Fred
Grandma: Josephine
and brother: george
friends: not many friends mainly the guys in her history class no girls as friends though
Enemies: The cheerleaders and jocks
Talent: She can sing as well as tango, waltz, and ballroom dance. She can also play piano
other talents: She has 3 black belts and she plays soccer
on my way
10/24/2012 c9 9New-Classic22
I'm so glad your back and truley cannot wait for what you have in store for this INCREDIBLE story. U returned with a bang and im itching for more xxx
10/23/2012 c9 5alex-alex7
Glad you are back!
10/22/2012 c9 6rainthenrainbows
Yes you're alive! I really missed this story :)

Poor Charlotte :( Her dad's a jerk... and I know Charlotte says she hates Hayley and Hayley says she hates Charlotte, but I think we can all see what's going to happen with them :)

Walker and Erick...awwwwww, I think they would make a really good couple :)

I'm glad Alicia is slowly getting better and she realized the glee club truly cares about her :)

"Are you on your lady cycle this-." BAM right there Walker just made the biggest mistake of his entire life

Update soon please!
10/21/2012 c9 6Laiquahen
I really liked Charlotte yelling at them, I could really imagine her saying "Off-limits!" Also, I feel bad for her because of her dad.
OMG! I am so shipping Erick and Walker! Just perf!
Alicia really does have some issues, doesn't she? I'm glad Ms. Salem was there to help. Who is her celebrity-look-alike anyway?
Sam was funny at the end, I chuckled.

I don't suppose I have more to say, perhaps except that I really enjoyed the chapter and I will wait patiently for the next one.
10/21/2012 c9 GLEEK098
I really liked this chapter! And I loved the ErickxWalter scene I'd love to see more interaction between both of them. I'll wait impatiently for the update
10/21/2012 c9 Gingershavesouls
Great chapter, did I sense a little WalkerxErick going on there (please say yes). UPDATE SOON PLEASE.
10/21/2012 c9 missfervent
So, like, I really missed
Great job, like to know more about Erik :)
Can't wait to read more and excellent job with Sam, her comment at the end was pretty funny
10/21/2012 c9 9Yofanfictionlemmedeletethis
YAY! You're back... I missed you XD Haha, my favorite part was Charlotte's bit about "the stupid rebel without a cause..." that made me laugh a lot XD
10/21/2012 c9 RUNDFUNK
"What's a Snix?" Tehehehehe.
6/2/2012 c8 2MusicNinja1010
Wow. nice chapter. I really loved how much the glee club gathered around Alicia no matter how much she doesn't want the help. The tension between Charlotte and Hayley is hilarious and i cant wait to see what you do with that.

I like Kam so far, both seem to be mature enough to handle their situation well.

The group call we great and it reminded me of the old New directions. Nice work there.

And finally, I'm really shipping Prova right now. Though, it seems as someone is going to get hurt, but hey i love me some drama.

Please update ASAP.
5/29/2012 c8 6rainthenrainbows
My mind is flabbergasted! That was amazing!

I loved kale trying\attempting to tell Sams parents what happened

And I love the storyline with Alicia and how the whole glee club wants to help her :)

I can't wait to see what songs you come up with

Update soon :)
5/28/2012 c8 6Laiquahen
Oh damn, you better be careful, Kale! I love the way Sam explains it to her parents, just awesome. I love Sam's parents. Again, Sam's dad is awesome!

Oh, spooky, how does Owen know Ms. Dawson... I bet they're related. Poor Alicia :( Oh damn, you didn't do anything, but you thought about it, which is just as bad. I wonder who you got a ride from, Juliet *eye brow wiggle* The answer to everything, glee club (I was really going to say singing about it). I think that is the coolest thing Erick has ever said.

Oh, what sweet theme :D And it's nice that they're getting to choose how they want to work.

Aw, Prova :D

I really enjoyed this chapter (I have enjoyed the other ones too, though I've been oddly silent about it). Anyway, there were lots of great little moments (phone call for one, hilarious!), although the Sam/Kale scene after they've told was a bit touchy-feely for me. Not bad, at all, just a bit fluffy, I suppose.

I am really looking forward to the next chapter, and I think I can make a few characters for you ;)

Klainebows and Klisses

5/28/2012 c8 missfervent
"I knew it!" Hahaha Victoria's reaction and Norman's reaction were beautifully written. I like how everything went down. Kale and Sam are quite a team and I'm happy they are taking responsibility. It's gonna be tough.

It's a wonderful think the club cares so much for Alicia. The whole group on the phone together was funny :)

Hah Owen! Suspicious anyways. I'm excited to learn what songs are sung for inner beauty.

Thank you for posting! Cantwaitformore
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