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for I Can Hear Heaven, But Heaven Can't Hear Me

8/28/2012 c1 R.Rose
Would definitely love to see more of this.
3/15/2012 c1 15Cassicio
Well, you just started a Fight Club fic. I have too! I like Glee + Fight Club. It makes me happy.
3/15/2012 c1 f00f00
2/26/2012 c1 1Ms. Geek
idk, i think im in love with the idea of fight club rachel.
2/26/2012 c1 4ToastedMarshmellow08
Fight Club Glee style! YES! I love this, so um...what happens next?-Toasty
2/26/2012 c1 CelesteSky598
I love it lol I have been waiting for someone to write one of these I mean I always see someone start one but they never get past the first chapter so plz Plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue it =D pretty plzzzz with faberry on top haha
2/26/2012 c1 singitbroadway
I'm liking this, Please continue!

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