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for Unpromising Events after Heaven

1/3/2017 c1 John Gillespie
Chapter 2
1/10/2015 c1 34TheBlackForest
I love this! It's feels-inducing but still beautiful. :)
2/26/2012 c1 sara1988
ok I'll review but I have conditions as well.

First off, if your going to leave us hanging for a few days with out an update and then suddenly say "ooh im sorry, my life has been hetic and blaaa", dont. Tell us ahead of time ( give us a estamated time). I Don't feel like reading half way through it again just to play 'catch up' becuase it been months and I forgot were I left off or i forgot most of it. I hate that.

Second. short or long chapters, they both have their place. So please dont worry too much.

"Cliff Hangers" too the point of me ripping my hair out, dislike. A few is ok, IF the CH-chapter is followed by even more intense chapter the next. So again, dont leave us hanging too much.

...but yeah, I'm good at leaving future ideas when asked, not so much on grammer issues, I tend to read over those quickly unless they a absolutly constant, then I'll tell you to pull your head out of where it shouldn't be (Honest viewer here, be warned).

Now for my honest review. I thought it was a start, to much telling and not enough showing. You can tell someone that an apple is a certain color. They already see that. But someone whos never had an apple before or hold on at least want to know the tast and texture. Does it have a sound when you bit into it? Give that person the apple and make them experiance themselves. Make them feel it and tast it for themselves instead of telling them about the apple.

When Sam was in the bathroom, was he pasing or leaning againce the wall. Was the wall cold like tile or did it feel like it had some sort of texture to it (just an example). Did Sam's blood 'ran cold' as he was telling Castiel about Dean? When I like reading a story, I like to imerge myself with the charater. Let me become the charater and imerg me in their suroundings.
2/26/2012 c1 39IrishNun
Well, when Dean said yes I actually gasped. Thank god it was just to kill zacharia. great take on what happened.

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