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1/3/2013 c4 shamuspiritualtemple
I just want to share my experience and testimony here.. I was married for 6 years to my husband and all of a sudden, another woman came into the picture.. he started hailing me and he was abusive..but I still loved him with all my heart and wanted him at all cost…then he filed for whole life was turning apart and I didn’t know what to do..he moved out of the house and abandoned the kids.. so someone told me about trying spiritual means to get my husband back and introduced me to a spell caster…so I decided to try it reluctantly..although I didn’t believe in all those things… then when he did the special prayers and spell, after 2days, my husband came back and was pleading..he had realized his mistakes..i just couldn’t believe it.. anyways we are back together now and we are case anyone needs this man, his email address shamuspiritualtemple spells is for a better life. again his email is
3/29/2012 c7 perfectlyODD
Chloe Grace...

That IS a nice name.

Shame it had to end there but I loved it!
3/22/2012 c6 perfectlyODD
Aww... Did you write the song? Cos it was amazing! :D
3/17/2012 c5 perfectlyODD
Awww... Damo's back! :) :) :) :) :)

Me happy.
3/16/2012 c5 4Eneth nin Galasriniel
Loved it(: Aaahhh a kid,(;
3/12/2012 c4 Eneth nin Galasriniel
OMG, OMG, OMG! So, I expected Damian to be hurt or something when he didn't call Cameron earlier..but then when Cameron said he had called I breathed a sigh of relief. But now I'm terrified again! How could you end it like that? Omg! I'm soo scared! Please update soon! And I hate to say it but I'm actually praying for a character in a story...haha funny stuff (;
3/11/2012 c4 luckyxlabradoodlexloverx7
3/11/2012 c4 perfectlyODD

Why is Damian in a coma? Urgh, I HATE cliffhangers.

But all if this was really sweet. Like, so sweet I was smiling the whole way through. It really made my day (well, night actually *shrug*)

It was sweet in a sad kinda way.

But, pllllleeeeeaaaasssseeeee update soon! I need to know what happened.

So, is Hannah and the other Glee Project members not in this AU? Just wondering...
3/6/2012 c3 3Hellen McMitchell
Can I have Cameron's pancakes, since I've found you Meg? (by the way, even a regular gay-dar catchs Dameron! LOL)

Beautiful chapter, but you stopped at the best part!
3/6/2012 c3 perfectlyODD
I'm pretty sure that was so cute it should be illegal. Love this chapter!
3/5/2012 c2 73KTEW
I-I'm flailing from the cuteness. ^^; Loving Damo's family! And you included the apartment, yay!
3/2/2012 c2 4Eneth nin Galasriniel
So fluffy! Loved it!(: This is just so romantic! I squealed when I saw it was updated haha,(;
3/1/2012 c2 3Hellen McMitchell
OMGC! You like to do Damo cry with that specific song, don't you? I've just realized that I gave you that idea for The Dameron Chronicles and you wrote exactly what I was thinking, so I can't put it on my fic! It doesn't matter... I'm loving your fics! miss talk with you, though...
3/1/2012 c1 73KTEW
Damian Sr... I have a frying pan and I'm not afraid to use it. -.- Joanne... *glomp* Brava indeed.
2/28/2012 c1 perfectlyODD
I've just read Falling Slowly and I love it! I'm glad you did a sequel.

Way to go Joanne!

Is that her real name? Cos I know he DOES have a brother called Emmett and a sister called Gemma and a dad called Damian.

Anyway, love this!
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