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12/4/2016 c1 sesshorin love
so sad.. so deep .. touched ma heart.. cud feel dr emotions..
made me cry..

so touchng..
so beautiful
i hope aftr dis .. they ge reunited in anothr world or heaven .. forever togethr.. dr love shll neva die..

u r an amazing writer #icegirljenni
lv u .. lv ua stories
5/20/2013 c1 Shannaro21
11/14/2012 c1 S plus R lols
I really enjoyed this. It was so sweet. Thank you for your descriptive written language. It was beautiful and calmed.

- S plus R lols

P.S. Thanks for reveiwing my fanfiction and being honest to me. It brings me so much joy to hear your thoughts. Thanks again.
4/10/2012 c1 4Shy Winthrope
Aww icegirljenni! Whhhhhhhyyy sooooo sad! *sniff sniff*. Don't die Rin! Don't die Sess! Don't die Shy it's just a story! My eyes are leaking unknown fluids called tears. Why'd you do that to me ice? Why'd you do that?

Breathe Shy breathe and focus!

I'm back after my mental breakdown. I don't know who that reviewer was in the first paragragh. God someone needs to shake her for taking fanfic so seriously. I mean really get a hold of yourself!

Now for the review. This was amazingly awesome. If they were to actually die this would be the way I'd picture it. I could feel Sess's love for Rin. I could feel his devotion to her. The sadness I felt was overwhelming. You brought out their emotions perfectly and you brought out emotions in the reader ( well at least me). Great story and I loved it. Keep up the great work my friend!

Love, Hugs, and Kisses,

~Shy Winthrope!
3/26/2012 c1 8DawnOfRenalice
awww that was sooo sweet! I wanted to cry! Adorable! Great job!
3/3/2012 c1 40The Ice Within
I loved it. As usual.

It was beautiful. As usual.

3/1/2012 c1 1JP5125
Very romantic that Sesshomaru would die and be reincarnated for Rin too bad its a one shot :(
2/29/2012 c1 Moonlight Mermaid
So beautiful, made ​​me cry.

Thank you:)
2/27/2012 c1 6darkrosetears
its so sad but its also cute ... so i wanna be sad but its too cute because of the way they die togeher to actually be sad

i loved it :D
2/27/2012 c1 chrysanthemum-nhu
This story was sweet, sad and comforting at the same time. Good job!
2/27/2012 c1 DreamOrNightmare
Awe, this is kinda sad)': I'm speechless! T_T It's so beautiful, it really pulled at my heart strings.

Ya' know, this kinda reminded me of Twilight when Edward didn't want Bella to change and he rather be with her as she grows old as a human and kill himself when she passes... ANYWAYS, this was really good! Especially for a one-shot! Though, it's so tragic T_T *weeps in the corner* Hey, did Sesshy die in the end too?

2/27/2012 c1 jolie
*sniff* *sniff* you make me crying with this one shot, it's so beautiful, heartful love but sad at the same time. Love till death and reborn.

Great work as always. Pls write more. Take care, hon :)
2/27/2012 c1 sherry15
Awe... Hopefully it's not over!
2/27/2012 c1 Night Blooming Rose
That was sweet of Sesshomaru. Though I prefer Rin never to age, you wrote it nice.
2/26/2012 c1 Athena Knightstar
hy jenni! It's Ath. Sorry but I'm a bit lazy to get the login.

btw, story was well writen n v.nice...

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