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for Commander Shepard, You've Got Mail

5/1 c18 Evil Atlas

Everything about this story is adorable, even if I'm constantly waiting for the abrupt and painful end to communications.
1/18 c22 2Kotali
The ending here is beautiful.
1/18 c21 Kotali
Garrus is such a homie; good looking out for Shepard. I like that their relationship is give and take and they help each other be better.
1/18 c13 Kotali
I really appreciate all the running/inside jokes between them. It adds a wonderful level of cleverness to the dialogue; it's very well crafted. Well done. Banter done well is so enjoyable and lovely; it's made this a pleasure to read.
1/18 c7 Kotali
They're so cute.
1/18 c2 Kotali
I too would like to have seen Garrus' angtsy teenage phase.
1/18 c1 Kotali
Gotta read 'em all again. ️
5/9/2019 c27 JrMintflower
This was so good! Loved the obvious friendship that had started leaking into more than friends. Great paceing left me wanting to read shore leave story immediately.
1/3/2019 c27 26The Jingo
Great story.
11/23/2018 c27 mirxu
So glad I found your story - I read through it straigt away and had so much fun. Thanks
10/25/2018 c27 41CailinNollaig

I read this the other day but forgot to review. I love this fic, which honestly is surprising because I was reluctant to read it - I'm not normally a fan of these formats. Messages only kind of thing.

You really teased us a lot with the no replies! I was almost devastated so many times.

It's an interesting read, too, because we all know what's coming. You've characterised them excellently, I have to say. I love when authors make an effort to show the differences between culture and expressions because there's SO much Garrus wouldn't get about humans and vice versa with Shepard. The running joke about humans not being logical is v good.

I've also read your follow up story so I'll review that now, but wanted to review the prequel that started it all!

Thanks for writing this funny, warm-hearted quick read.

9/21/2018 c27 Rae
I loved this! Every single chapter! I love to see how their friendship evolved (though you kinda had me worried that the start of ME2 was about to happen with these last chapters)
8/10/2017 c27 3ninayasmijn
I loved this!
3/9/2017 c16 onlyHUWMAN
Hey, do you reckon there'll be a video game tie-in to the Citadel movie?
12/5/2016 c27 Elizabeth.Electrica
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