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10/13 c58 ms9392
This fic is so beautifully written. I also appreciate the insights that you provide behind every character of the story. Thank you very much for sharing.
6/28 c58 Loujohn0583
I was late to the Downton fandom and found this story last yearread it in one hit -absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to read it again! I’ve just finished it for the second time and I wanted to drop you a line to congratulate you on a truly wonderful piece of writing! I thoroughly enjoyed this from start to finishloved the characterizations, loved the pace, loved the plotjust loved it! Thank goodness for talent like yours keeping our Mary and Matthew dream alive! I adored Matthew and think you captured him and Mary perfectly throughout! Congratulations and thank you! x
6/14 c58 13previouslyjade
I can't remember if I've reviewed this before but I wanted to drop a line to say I LOVED this story... the characterisations are wonderful and your prose is divine. I love that Matthew actually gets called out early on for some of his pig-headedness; I love the take on their sexual relationship; Gracie is a gem; Richard is so sinister and chilling; it was just amazing from start to finish. I think Cora in particular was so well done... she is so supportive and so flawed in turns, and I think it's probably true that it's harder for a daughter to forgive her mother for betrayals than her father... but so glad they got that scene in this last chapter where they rock the baby together. Love love love it
5/26 c4 Guest
"he wouldn't of had the faintest idea" It's "wouldn't HAVE had" or "wouldn't've had" (which sounds like "of"). OF never is part of the verb phrase. Someone who writes as well as you ought to know this.
12/18/2020 c8 Guest
"You have been an excellent tudor." It's TUTOR. LOL.
12/18/2020 c7 Guest
"She might of had a heart attack" MIGHT OF never is correct (nor is SHOULD OF, COULD OF, or WOULD OF). It's MIGHT HAVE or MIGHT'VE. As well as you write, I can't believe you don't know this.
12/18/2020 c6 Guest
12/11/2020 c2 Willow Wang
God,to be honest,I can't believe my could Mary be pregnant after that?I feel the baby of Richard is just a barrier between them.I do really hope there are only they two. I will try to go on,but I'm not really sure if I 's too difficult for me to accept,I just want they to be happy to repair their sad ending in the season 3.
1/10/2020 c18 Guest
The plural of "baby" is "babies," not "baby's." "Baby's" is possessive, as in "the baby's bottle."
1/9/2020 c7 Guest
There's no such thing as "might of," "could of," "would of," "should of," etc. It's MIGHT'VE (which sounds like "of.") "Might've" is the contraction for "might have." The same is true of the others.
1/8/2020 c6 Guest
6/3/2019 c50 Guest
And yep, further with the double standard of Mary's little interview with Marianne is totally okay while Isabel and Matthew trying not to worry her over Richard isn't...

And geeze Cora. Way to miss a whole lot of points... on the subject of an actual heir. The correct answer (ignoring any actual inheritance laws) is the person who WANTS the responsibility. Whether it be Grace, Robbie, Maggie or a future baby. Heck, my cousins and I are faced with deciding who wants to take over parts of the family business from our grandfather... and again, we're trying to decide who actually WANTS to do what parts.
6/3/2019 c49 Guest
Man Cora is a piece of work. I mean, sure, in a lot of families throughout history, bloodlines and lineage have been extremely important. But it always is like nails on chalkboard in another fandom I read where one of the main characters is adopted, when writers reference his biological parents its always as his 'real' parents... not birth, biological or even, in a fic where he's a kid, first. And in universe his parents died when he was very young so he has no memory of them... yet they are still often referred to as the 'real' parents.
6/3/2019 c47 Guest
And again with the double standards. Not telling Mary about some of the interactions with Richard was a cardinal sin, but Mary concealing her meetings with the man's wife is a-ok.

Mary is also a super snob in the whole 'you once had a fling with the man who later became my husband while I'd cut him out of my life to the point that he'd given up on ever SEEING me again, so no we can't be friends no matter how much we get along' attitude.
6/3/2019 c45 Guest
And here again we have precious Lady Mary being the be all and end all of the universe. Who cares about Matthew's trauma and demons, who cares about his hurts. Who cares that she never even had to hesitate about embracing the sister who slapped her child. Let's make Matthew dance to her toon til she's satisfied with his penance. That she can sit there and say she hated him while he was in a dark place is disgusting and makes me actually question whether being with her is healthy for him.
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