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for Hey Soul Sister

3/3/2012 c1 D'oroBelleza
Hey! :)

This was amazing!

Really love the bond that bella and alice share!

Ohh.. alice and jazz had an fight, but love the surprise that bella gave alice!

Omg rachel from glee! She was so sweet to bella...

I liked all the songs you used in this os!

Edward and bella! liked the teasing of alice!

Aaawwnie, adore the surprise that bella gave alice, she brought jasper to her!

Loved the ending !

3/1/2012 c1 3heartstrings13
Hey soul sister...u know what...I LOVE U TOTALLY. Well well well...ur superb I must say. U did a gr8 job bb. Totally worth waiting n planning n if I may say I LIKE MY GIFT...THANK U SOOO MUCH BB xx

dancing singing and the PLAN jst WOW

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