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3/11/2012 c1 AlexStrike
I liked this! Judgement day almost gave me a panic attack! The postcard idea was smart.
3/2/2012 c1 131Twinchy
That is a very promising (if short) story for the season three finale.

I really like the postcards you had Neal write on the plane, both in regards to the people he chose to send them to and what he wrote them.

I'd love to see another chapter with more postcards/notes should your muse offer some more inspiration. :-D

Great job and truly well done, particularly with Neal's indecision about how and what to send Peter.

Your suggestions were very convincing from Neal's POV, and I am especially fond of the last one with the younger man being sorry for Peter's not stopping him this time around, although for obvious reasons, as you mentioned yourself. Because he was sorry to leave everyone and everything behind, much as Neal fled mainly because he was afraid the FBI might not let him stay with Peter in case his commutation was denied.
3/1/2012 c1 7Freckle Red
Good job, what a unique idea. I especially enjoyed the note to Kramer. I think you hit right on what that evil man wanted. Very well written.
3/1/2012 c1 17JeanneZ84
Neal wrote very nice postcards.

I had a feeling writing to Peter would be hard.

3/1/2012 c1 27ferryboat George
I especially loved Kramer's, I want to pound the guy.
3/1/2012 c1 11Olimka
Its soooooo good I like this shot, I think that all ones hate Kramer because is true, that he destroy all the progress and work of Neal, I like the post to Kramer tell him the true. Ciao
3/1/2012 c1 45VioletEmeraldx
"He'd have like to paint, but stewardesses usually frowned on such artistic endeavors mid-flight. Anyways, the paint jars were more than 3 oz."

I love that, it's hilarious, but it has two things that I think a beta would have caught if you had one - so maybe you should. Honestly I think all fics could use betas. ;) It's nice to your other readers to always make that extra effort to avoid typos IMO which is why I try to always have betas. :P

Your typo there was "have like" - I think you meant "liked" and also the other thing was "Anyways" - I don't think that sounds right, I think "Besides" would be a better word choice there. ;)

Continuing to read on... "to the con gig. At least they" - a gig isn't a "they" so again kind of awkwardly worded. Also wouldn't it be dangerous to send a post card in the mail from wherever you are trying to hide? Wouldn't he be more likely to put them in the mail as soon as he landed or something, then travel far away by boat or whatever with Mozzie so it's less obvious where he is? Maybe place them in the mail during a connecting flight; something less obvious? XD Sorry, just trying to think like someone trying to evade the FBI.

But aw this was great! I wish you'd figured out something to write for real to all 4 of those important people in his life - at least Sara (doesn't she spell it Sara, not Sarah?) and Peter! :P What you had was good but it felt too short and incomplete. It wasn't fully satisfying. Yes he would struggle to think of what to say and him crossing out stuff as he tried to write is perfect... but THEN what haha? XD

But yeah I love it. Keep writing for this fandom. I adore little Neal (and platonic Neal/Peter) fics, I haven't read much yet but I adore the show so much and Neal and the Neal/Peter relationship especially. I also love Sara, Alex, Mozzie, Elizabeth... Diana - they're all awesome.

I'm making my first ever full White Collar fanvideo now actually! A Neal POV Neal/Peter canon video set to the Counting Crows' "Mr. Jones"! I'm excited haha.

Sorry for the super long and pretty critical review. I hope you enjoy reading it and don't mind. :P

I love the tropical cruises P.S. he said to June btw, that was cute.
3/1/2012 c1 61AngelQueen
I love this! Great job! The postcard to Kramer was especially awesome. He totally deserved every word of it! His determination to hunt down everything about Neal he could find ended up driving off one of the FBI's best assets. Idiot.

Again, great job! :) Thanks for sharing!

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