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for RE: NoahAllen (ADOPTABLE)

8/31/2018 c19 Ksena Australis
Sad you didn't finish this, it was intresting! Love it, and u do need more details and longer chapters, everything happen pretty fast BUT it was very good, your idea! Keep calm and write!
4/22/2015 c19 1Anime2Freak
I don't know how to write a chapter but I can give you ideas like you can get the Noah to accept Kanda or let tyki and road find Allen and kanda or make the noah make a move on the black order but their just idea I you want to use them that's ok I like your story so far I actually read the original story and I liked it
11/20/2014 c1 7Shinigami Merchant
Good start, very gripping XD
4/6/2014 c19 1ExoSpectre
It moves a bit too quickly the beginning had a nice pace setting on a few characters. After chapter 10 it felt like it became too fast. Keep at it but please just slow the pace a tad. Also for the voting I prefer my Allen with thou Lenalee.
2/8/2014 c18 Zezorock 178
Ok im not ridiculing u or any thing, as a matter if fact i thing ur improving a fuckin lot from chapter one! Ur doin grate on the story, but...u realy need to work on the detales and lenthing the chapters. I love it so far, other than the easest things to fix ur doin a damn good job. I think u also need to umm how shood i put this... Add another 90RN chapter with lenalee attacking allen and road walkin in on them lol that would be the perfict drama for this. Keep up the good job!
1/23/2014 c18 Guest
This is real good and it is well worth the wait for keep up the good job
1/17/2014 c5 Guest
What is with the heart is it allen or someome other than allen
10/30/2013 c18 4XPastelXGoreX
I have writer's block and I've been dealing with stuff at school, so please be patient. I intend to finish it someday.
10/30/2013 c18 Anonymous
I know it has been a while but I would love to read more! Nothing bothers me more than unfinished stories! I think overall you have done an excellent job. Keep up the good work please. :)
9/15/2013 c18 7Lady of the Crimson Ravens
Damn it! Lenalee just found him and now his gone! Damn it Kanda! Damn it!
8/10/2013 c18 1lilanimefan247
Omg I can't wait to see what kanda has planned for Allen
Great job
Plz update soon
8/9/2013 c18 Fan
Whoa, plot twist! I like the way you wrote this chapter; it was much more descriptive! I can't wait to read what happens next, so please update soon! And, thank you very much for this update.
8/7/2013 c18 3SakuraKoi
8/3/2013 c17 Fan
Thanks for updating; it's good to see you're not giving up on your story! If I was to make a suggestion, it would be this... Dialogue is good and all, but you shouldn't rely on it to tell what's going on. I can follow what people are doing through what they're saying, but if you put in stuff like setting descriptions & characters' body language(even their tone of voice), it would really enhance your writing. Please update again soon!
7/25/2013 c1 KettleValsa
I'm I think u should make Allen able to fight and have the war continue while they raise there child
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