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for the half blood magician

9/28/2020 c3 SilverArcher11
She is an egyptian sea goddess, right?
9/28/2020 c1 SilverArcher11
I'm hooked? I can tell that it is gonna be good.
12/28/2017 c3 12Champion of Nyx
She is the Egyptian Goddess of the sea. By the way, I love how it is going so far.
10/6/2016 c3 5Atreides03
The goddess of the sea
3/19/2016 c1 6Nightwing'snight
Is it under the same title because I can't find theadapted story.
11/13/2014 c6 Guest
She didnt adopt it!
9/6/2013 c4 molly
Ya its the tape that Carter and Sadie made during the red pyrimid.
9/6/2013 c3 molly
The Egyptian godsses of the ocean
5/25/2013 c7 Guest
COME ON! Just when it starts to get good you drop it! I can't belive you!
5/25/2013 c3 Guest
A goddess from Eygpt.
3/23/2013 c3 2KashimaReiko07
she's the goddess of the where's my cookies?
2/11/2013 c3 3E. E. Terrill
In Sumerian mythology, Amathaunta is the goddess of the ocean. She was also worshipped by Sumerian immigrants in Egypt, and may be the biblical goddess Ashima. It is also believed that she is related to the Greek god of the ocean, Poseidon. I got this from Wikipedia.
1/16/2013 c3 2ModernZombieGuy Productions
Godess of the Oceans
11/7/2012 c6 2Philosophical quetzalcoatl
I will
11/3/2012 c3 Guest
She's an Egyptian Goddess... make them chocolate chip
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