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for Middle of Nowhere

8/21 c99 bakun.alex93
MC is weak in mind simp.
And I'm glad I finally got around to reading this. It's not in my nature to leave something unfinished, even if it sucks.
8/19 c31 bakun.alex93
It's not that entertaining to read about a spineless moron whimpering and feeling sorry for himself.
8/18 c10 bakun.alex93
Why is the main character so angry because of Stan? He deserved his punishment. I always left him to rot in a cage.
4/26 c99 CritKhagan
Will there be more chapters?
7/9/2022 c99 Caluval
Hace una semana encontre esta historia, me esta ayudando a sobrellevar una situacion bastante tensa en mi trabajo, Gracias
7/7/2022 c66 8KingKumacchi
Too bad you didn't add Shale in the Orzammar arc. It would have been perfect for Shale to discover her origin or so. But still, I'm enjoying the story!
4/7/2022 c13 Guest
Doormatting, daft MC. Using his lore knowledge to fuck himself over. Infuriating and also kind of impressive in it's stupidity.
12/18/2021 c1 6JManM
Are snowbirds a thing outside of Arizona, or are we homies?
10/24/2021 c99 16kpmh2001
Absolutely magnificent. I knew going in that this story never reached its end, but it was so worth going on this journey regardless, one of the best fan-fictions I’ve ever read, potentially the best.

You my good Sir, if you are reading this, have done absolutely splendidly. I don’t dare to hope that this story would ever see a conclusion, as it probably won’t, but what you’ve created is still absolutely golden.
9/24/2021 c99 9Uraharaisgod
Shame this ran out right before the finale, definitely the best DA story I've read, and one of the best SI's I've read too, especially perspectivewise. Would like to have seen this finished, and to see if Jeff ever actually got some action before the end (I'd assume he'd end up doing the "ritual" with Morrigan, but with her splitting off its unclear if she'd have gone off to find a different method or if his Fadewalker status might cause complications).

Loved the name of his sword, definitely not a typical name to give one but Deep Thought is certainly appropriate for the calming enchantment sandel got on it.
8/20/2021 c1 1Cassandra7797
remains my favourite da fic I've ever read, I don't even care if it finishes its wonderful
8/18/2021 c99 Guest
I really wish you would come back and update this, or to update why you stopped writing. I've reread this many times over the years, and it is probably the best self inserts I've ever read, probably even one of the best fanfictions I've read too.
5/18/2021 c99 ghostface123
no matter how long it's been since I first found this fic, (way back in 2012 I think) I always find myself coming back and rereading. Hope everything's going good for you!
3/9/2021 c1 averageschmoe
i enjoyed it imenssely...finish the story sometimes, pretty please.
1/19/2021 c99 Guest
I just reread this entire fic again, it has to be one of my favourites of all time. It's been a minute since it updated but I hope you see this, dear author, and know there is still demand
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