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9/4/2018 c1 IOzuF
Veri n1c3opqst0ribD
11/15/2016 c1 34yorushihe
this is a notice!
I'm going through my alert lists and just letting you know that I've transfered this fic from my subscribe list to the favorite one! :)
(so you won't be alarmed by dropping numbers!)
Thank you for completing this story, I've enjoyed very much!
8/9/2016 c32 29Nekuro Yamikawa

i'm immersed... great job there. to imagining an exorcise scene for possessed in a RO universe... and hmm, how to describe it? it's kinda cool...? ah, sorry, its just there's many good things swirling in my head atm. i found a short manga with interesting plot and immediately rushing to what i left here, stitching the scene before, the feelings i get from the manga, and these here... simply put, it made my day. xD

your fic is, perhaps, like one of my charms i store here. mostly, i might forget to read it. but once i did, it always bring these good feeling of accomplishment. either by your story alone, or by anything between when i resume it.

is it just me, or there's hardly anything caught my interest lately? hmm. probably its the later. if not, i might done these 20 chaps left within a week using my entire free time.

oh my, this is got some length. anyway, i'm just happy and helplessly pouring it all here. sorry.

8/9/2016 c31 Nekuro Yamikawa
honestly. it's freaking realistic imo. i never had a chance to try these sealed dungeons (Sealed Shrine and Nidhogg's Nest) because my GX is only for exploring purpose /yup, abusing his invisibility to go through place with terrible mobs. LoL/. yeah, i'm one of those in intelligence group. hahaha.

and, oh my... i'm always imagining how the great demons behave other than blindly rampage. i like how majestically cunning this fellow is described although only brief. its fit with my image back then.

oops, a possession scene!

it remind me with a NPC which got possessed by Satan Morroc in one of New World Mid-camp branch quest. Hmm, who was it again? anyway, what a sweet memory. how long that i felt so immersed in a game as its main protagonist? T-T

ugh. should i buy a new laptop and installing iRO? :'D
8/3/2016 c29 Nekuro Yamikawa
oh my. the Assassin and its pet just remind me with my own pet back then. i had a lv135 Guillotine Cross and a Steel Chonchon named Beelzebub. Why its named like that? i guess you know. Yup, it's a troll.

Go cloaking and walk around to spread havoc. Or straight up sprinting while using a Taekwon Master. it's Hillarious.

And like the assassin here, i'm usually use my Steel Chonchon as my chatting media or companion. At least thats how i survive in a world where i meet people but not exactly people, before i give up.

Oh, Mathias and Kenneth dynamic is always interesting to read. Sorry, i didnt want to mentioning his private experience here. xD
8/1/2016 c48 Nekuro Yamikawa
Oh my. i wonder how long i didnt visiting RO fandom. yup. i'm completely disappointed with how official RO servers going down one by one, while in my country, is corrupted as damn.

But, idk what kind of fate to have me found this story is end. truthfully, i feel kinda guilty since i'm one of those who once told you to keep on hold for this piece. but i know, i believe you'll make it. i didnt disappointed with the last chapter. you are not the only one. but i love how you made it end without left me or another reader wondering.

Please, just let this piece here. there's always people who enjoy it. Though minority, but if i may say, this one is a gem in its own way.

How you build the story, i think, recently, its not everyone can do such a feat. the drama, the fight. there is this envy and mesmerized in me. for me who lost how to openly writing what i feels, what i think. so, again, just let this buried here.

Hope you all the best. n_n b
8/8/2015 c48 Nikki
Worth your time, idk. Only you can answer that. But I sure DO want to see the end of your story 3
6/10/2015 c48 Ephanie
The way I see it is that you should do what makes you happy. If you don't want to continue this story, that's completely up to you. You shouldn't feel forced to do something you have no interest in. I think many of us all understand how it is to be busy. Hell, it took me a few months to read the last chapter.

I am not particularly waiting for updates because I do not know when that will be. However, I will say that a few weeks before chapter 47 was released, I did wonder when the next chapter would be. I don't know if anyone else is used to it, but I am used to waiting months, so I am not suffering or anything haha

What matters most to me is that we know for sure if there will be a next chapter. Some authors disappear mid-story, so there is never a conclusion. Even if you don't decide to continue this story, I think this can still end satisfactorily with an official announcement that it has been canceled. I think that is fair.

But please don't force yourself to continue this story if you don't want to. I think the most important thing is that YOU want to continue the story for YOURSELF.

But I'll still be here until there is an official cancellation! C:
6/7/2015 c48 0110100001
I still want this story to be updated :) Don't rush and don't be ashamed of what you have writen until now; you're maturing, progressing.
I hope you don't give this fic up. Keep up the good work!
6/2/2015 c48 1General Peaches
I still wait for updates, perhaps not on the edge of my seat in anticipation but with a more reserved, "If I wait for it it'll show up some day" sort of mentality.

I'd love for the story to get finished, there's questions I want answered, theories I want confirmed/disproved, and closure for the plots.

It's your call, but I do know that I'm willing to continue reading.
2/4/2015 c47 1Shikio
Oh well look at that. An update. I was getting worried you were going to forget about this, though had this feeling you weren't.

I understand the time. Life happens. Same with me, I've been unable to update my story on here due to life. Anyway, good chapter and I can't wait to see the next one.

7/21/2014 c46 Ephanie
Yeeee! I knew it was about time for an update! :D
I don't mind the length at all as long as it does get an ending eventually
7/17/2014 c46 1General Peaches
I just need more of this story. ALL THE STORY! Also I'm really just waiting for the reunion between Verica and Kenneth, as well as how well her trials go. That said I sat down with this expecting the long haul so if waiting is what it takes I'll wait.
6/23/2014 c45 Ephanie
Update appreciated as always

dat Kenneth though. love him
5/30/2014 c44 Ephanie
Yesss, even more Kenneth, and surely more to come
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