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for YuGiOh! R: Yugi vs Yakou

12/6/2015 c8 7DragonKnight15
A ending for anyone who enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh! R. That's why I love the card game. Stay true to yourself and believe in what you can achieve. That's why Yugi was my favorite character, still is... along with others.

ANYWHO... the last turns were great and left it's final message, plus the aftermath. Things work out in the end. And that ends the tale.

Got nothing else, it was great. Amazing job, just wow.
12/6/2015 c7 DragonKnight15
OH... the hype never made me realize you did made those mistakes! Haha, oh well, you can just "re-update" those chapters. When I made a mistake, which compare to you, I was MORE RUSTY in my writing since I never really tried back then... now I do. Anyway, I suggest to correct errors is to "fix" those chapters.

ANYWAY... yea, everything else goes back like in the manga. Even that part that Yakou's ambitions through the Wicked Avatar vanished and Yakou saw the vision of Pegasus one last time before things change.

I think the chapter speaks itself, which this could have been a great anime adaption if done properly.
12/6/2015 c6 DragonKnight15
Combine both, better for us.

Oh boy Yakou is talking trash towards the Pharaoh... and he's right and wrong. Right that it has always been the Pharaoh who won those duels using Yugi's body but wrong because wasn't just the Pharaoh who dueled, it was Yugi who was there to give him the strength that he sometimes doubted. His duel with Pegasus that Yugi almost died to give the Pharaoh the chance to win, the support that he's never alone while Noah turned everyone into stone, and to overcome despair against Yami Marik. That's what people mistake about Yugi that he has never once won a major duel alone. It should be the other way around, even in Season 4, it was Yugi who encourage the Pharaoh to give it his all no matter what and believe. That's the power of bonds.

Kaiba hates friendship.

Anyway, Obelisk appears, Infinite Power, and finally Divine Evolution, all used in the same turn. So wait... did you consider Divine Evolution as a spell or a trap since it was set, during Yakou's turn? Just curious.

Divine Evolution, if it EVER became a real card, could have been like a Fusion Card like Timaeus, except it evolves the god to a level you wouldn't consider a God to possess. Still, this is still a badass card.

This was the most badass moment in the manga.
12/6/2015 c5 DragonKnight15
Oh no! I remember that part... poor Tea.

Yugi has little time left and he was going to lose if not thanks to my favorite card, Electromagnet Turtle. And then Yugi place all his hopes with Monster Reborn, summoning forth the God that can beat Avatar, Ra. And no Selection meant easy chance to win... until Yakou used Shift, got Eraser destroyed and used its instant "nuke" the field with darkness as Ra and Avatar survived but Yugi had nothing left this turn.

I really, REALLY hated why Card of Sanctity became in the TCG. They shouldn't have destroyed such a good spell into one that basically is Eraser, banishes everything and then you only draw two cards. HOW DOES THAT HELP? NONE! What was the harm of making it like the anime/manga right?

Yugi managed to survive long enough until Fiend's Sanctuary was used like in the manga except from what I remember, another monster wasn't on the field when that was played.

Battle Fader would have work well since it can be a card that Yugi could use, or Gorz... which he does in the manga.

Eraser is like the greatest sin that vanishes any hope on the field, ends like like a Big Bang, a "Dark Hole". Huh?
12/6/2015 c4 DragonKnight15
These parts were really never understood of the conclusion, but what can we do? You made an effort and beyond.

Yugi is the King of Games. He won't tell you what he will do, he will set it up in the open. That's why only Kaiba can see it and thanks to that, Obelisk is summoned and Yugi abused both Slifer and Dreadroot's effects into his advantage. Clever.

OOHH! So Kaito copy Yakou! I'm kidding but if it was that hard... there's the option of fanmade. There's a rule I follow... never use cards from certain eras and put them in the same unless it makes sense. For example, Double Summon is a spell can era can use and it won't seem weird to see. Any Photon cards would seem... to me at the least, weird to use so I rather not use them unless it's Zexal and above. Another... Synchro Cards in the GX Era. No... don't try it unless it has time travel there.


Well when Kaito/Kite was first introduced... he saved Zexal for me along with Shark because... AW... Yugi, Judai, Yusei, Yuya's starts were great. Yuma... Yuma... Yuma... he's like that uncle you know that you rather not mention his beginnings but that's just me.

If you did the whole Yu-Gi-Oh! R series, then no dud it would be polished and fantastic combining the manga and anime as if both fuse... to become R (its a pun for when Yuma and Astral become Zexal, the third thing that save Zexal).
12/6/2015 c3 DragonKnight15
Horrible miscalculation on which end?

Also my bad miscalculation, Eraser does depend on the opponent's field for power, haha, my bad.

Ha! Kaiba insulted Eraser even though he has no idea what's capable of.

Anyway, no dud Yugi is afraid of the Wicked Gods, the Avatar destroyed Slifer with almost to no problem and now he has to deal with Eraser.

I'm glad you're giving an effort in making sure both Yugi and Yakou will summon their gods one by one. Makes it even more overwhelming of a challenge.

Dreadroot is basically Obelisk and we sometimes had doubts that Obelisk had legs... he does, but not the point.
12/6/2015 c2 DragonKnight15
An actual duel, you know duels my friend... unlike like... well... 80%... 90% of everyone else in Fanfiction.

I wish Yugi summon Arcana Knight Joker in the anime... instead we got Royal Straight Slasher which isn't even a real card but what can we do? I still like this monster.

Yes the duel is playing differently than in the manga, since in the manga you counter the Fusion Monster as 3 monsters. The only reason Kaiba got away with that last time was because of Battle City rules. Those change after Battle City was over like starting from Season 4.

Anyway, Eraser is such a beast. Careful in not destroying it or else bye-bye... and good luck dealing with its growing attack. I like it that Eraser gains ATK and DEF for each card the opponent controls... although the manga effect counted for every card on the field. Anyway, Yugi is no doing so well losing his knight due to De-Fuse. Nice.
12/6/2015 c1 DragonKnight15
I've read up on the Yu-Gi-Oh R manga from Yugioh Wikia and let me tell you... I want this to be an anime. It would have been amazing to see the real reverse versions of the Egyptian Gods, the Wicked Gods also known as the Devil Gods. I mean my god, this is so awesome and the plot is interesting enough to have worked out in the anime too, like just assume Pegasus is dead but not. How hard would that be? None. We got Capsule Monsters which was fine so why not get this into an anime?

I mean in a whole Yakou and Gekkou are unique, being twins, but more of the connection they bring to R which involved the Wicked Gods. And of course it all goes back to Yugi, needing to protect his friends and this time focus in saving Anzu/Tea from this faith. Just... how amazing would this be if this was an anime? Amazing!
7/9/2012 c8 Nico1302
Hmm... An interesting attempt I must say.

I've read parts of that manga (not the whole... sadly) but I've read some duels, including the ones involving the "Wicked"-Monsters, altough it's been a while so my memory is a little bit foggy about the details...

But then again, the Anime and the Manga tended to have different rules. Being able to summon Level 5 Monsters without a sacrifice for example was one of those, if I recall correctly (not to mention a bunch of Manga-only cards). So if that's an Anime-Adaption of a manga duel, then a rewrite is inevitable.

So far I have to say, it was pretty nice. I'm looking forward to your rewrite of the entire Manga.

Hmm... Ich muss schon sagen, das ist ein interessanter Versuch.

Ich habe Teile dieses Mangas gelesen (leider nicht komplett... traurigerweise) aber ich habe einige der Duelle gelesen, auch die in denen die "Bösen"-Monster vorkamen, auch wenn es schon ein Weilchen her ist und meine Erinnerungen an gewisse Details nicht mehr ganz so frisch sind.

Aber schließlich folgten der Manga und der Anime unterschiedlichen Regeln, was die Duelle anbelangte. Man konnte im Manga zum Beispiel Monster der Stufe 5 beschwören, ohne Monster als Tribut anzubieten, wenn ich mich recht entsinne (nicht zu vergessen die unzähligen Karten, die nur im Manga vorkamen). Wenn dies also eine Anime-Adaption eines Manga-Duells ist, sind ein paar Änderungen unausweichlich.

Ich muss sagen, das war ganz nett bis jetzt. Ich bin auf deine Fassung des Mangas sehr gespannt.
4/6/2012 c8 11InsaneEvilLittleEmmy
Your welcome! And well if Yugi isn't in it then...I don't think I could read it lol xD I adore him too much
4/6/2012 c8 1NoviceNovelist
Awesome story! I have no idea why it only has 4 reviews (well, 5 now...)

I've always loved the concept of the Wicked Gods. Dunno why, but evil Egyptian God counterparts? Yes please :P

Good work mate! Hope to see more writing from you - you've got a great writing style =)
4/3/2012 c7 11InsaneEvilLittleEmmy
Don't worrie fangirls are immortal I'll be fine with hugging them xD
3/30/2012 c6 InsaneEvilLittleEmmy
(hugs wicked avatar Yuugi) I love evil / evil looking Yuugi's they're cute! (cuddles him)
3/23/2012 c5 InsaneEvilLittleEmmy
Yay it ended with my fav part =D
3/13/2012 c3 InsaneEvilLittleEmmy
yay~ now the story is gettng close to my fav part ^^

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