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3/5/2012 c6 23Necron warrior
tut tut tut grace, begging for reviews! such a review whore :P

sate my interest, will Mai end up being super-epic?, like, no-one could foresee her being super-epic epic?

Because, if so, I totally called it. :D

Nice so far btw. I don't know why, but dumbledore reminds me of gandalf in this chapter...

...I'm sure I'm just crazy.

3/5/2012 c5 3Mihtigan
thx for da update :B ))

teehee :'D brilliant Harry and Allen interacting 8D

I'd love to see more of that ^^
3/5/2012 c5 8Astrodragons
Cooool this is just I really can't describe it just cooooolllll
3/4/2012 c5 6RaychDZeros
It's up 2 u! After all, u're the author, so wad m I, a lowly reviewer supposed 2 say? Hehe! Just kidding! I actually dun mind if u follow the actual storyline!
3/4/2012 c4 3Mihtigan
niiice~ ^^ I really do like this - If not, love this

I must say I normally don't like or even hate OCs, but Mai is so cute XD And I'm so jealous of her; I want Allen as my papa! *turns green*

However, plz, I'm beggin' ya, UPDATE SOON~
3/3/2012 c4 6RaychDZeros
I like it! Do I nd 2 say more 2 express my love 4 D. Gray man n Harry Potter crossover fanfics? N r the other exorcists included?
3/3/2012 c3 RaychDZeros
like it! Love it! Keep it up cos I'm VERY interested now! Wonder how Dumbledore will deal with Innocence...
3/3/2012 c4 23Necron warrior
Harry gave a wry chuckle "Well you see, magic"


Allen began to speak "But what about the..."

"MAGIC" Harry stressed, maintaining a jovial smile.

To be fair, OC's aren't actually all that bad (as long as they're not Mary sue's or outnumber the actual characters)

And I know you said 'I won't have any pairings yet' we both know you'll ship Harry and Allen somehow in some way :D

Also, as long as Mai isn't too pathetic and simply tacked on to Allen, you'll be safe from clichés :)

3/3/2012 c2 6RaychDZeros
It's nice! I hope 2 c more soon!
3/2/2012 c2 23Necron warrior
Well well well Grace, finally making a foray into fanfiction I see, good luck with the plot of this, I can't wait to see serious-voldemort working with crazy-Earl. Funs will be had.

That being said, as English-teachery as it sounds, try not to do the clichéd 'thousandth time' and 'time seemed to slow down' stuff, if you can :)

3/2/2012 c2 8Astrodragons
This is really awesome you got yourself a person who will keep reading these... ME!

So please continue

3/2/2012 c2 griffincub
Cool want to know more
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