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8/10/2014 c48 3coronadomontes
impresionante, aqui comenzara algo grande, tu fanfic es maravillo, los preparativos para las guerras comiensan, incisto en que aya una invasion akuma contra el ministerio
8/10/2014 c48 WereCat-Yoruichi
Great chapter! I'm actually really glad you didn't re-write the entire Ark arc... It would have taken much too long. I think the way everything started to piece together, and how you wrote it sweet and to the point! I can't wait for you to update next :)
7/21/2014 c47 2Hayerim
This is reaaaally good **

I started this fic like, two days ago, and I couldn't stop (reading during every break at work, muahahaha)

The only thing that was a bit hard on me was... The typo (so NOT trying to be mean here, but I'm not a native at english so anything slightly different sets my brain on "What the heck" mode).

Also, I really like the way you got Mai to be cute and coherent, but non-annoying or attention-needy like OCs tend to be. I'm really admirative of that.

Anyway, I really enjoy myself reading this story, so please keep up with it ! :D o/
7/21/2014 c47 WereCat-Yoruichi
Hey! I'm really interested in this story, but I was just wondering about a few things... Wouldn't Mai be 8 or 9 years now? I just thought that she was 5 when this Fic began, and it's been a few years... One other thing I have to ask is, how long has it been since Allen lost his arm, and how long will it be 'til he regains it? I couldn't be over 2 weeks because then that would mean that Lavi and the others have been fighting for over 2 weeks... that is unless you're changing it a bit and Allen won't reappear in the war 'till later... But if not then I don't think Lavi and the other would be fighting/travelling in/to Japan for that long... But in any case, I really enjoy this story and I hope you can update soon :)
7/13/2014 c47 3coronadomontes
magnifico capitulo, realmente me gusto, solo una sugerencia la mujer sapo y todos los racistas sangre pura deben recibir lo que se merecen, que les exploten en la cara sus propia idiotez y sus consecuencias
7/13/2014 c47 18Ennael
Ça fait tellement longtemps que tu n'a pas mis à jours que je ne me souviens même plus ce qui s'est passé dans les derniers chapitres! en tout cas très bon chapitre, intéressant même si rien d’exceptionnel...
J'ai hâte de revoir les exorcists, les noahs et l'arche. Je me demande le rôle qu'auront les sorciers dans la guerre...
Mais dépêche toi de mettre à jours, je lis tellement de fic que tous s’entremêle et même si ta fic est très bien je n'ai pas envie de reperdre une semaine à la relire pour la 4eme fois!
7/12/2014 c47 5Shirubagure
Yup, definitely not good at all. -sigh- Of course it's you Umbridge. Well, Allen figures out what he needs to do, but the he desnt know how to. xD I guess my problem with the pairing thing is answered if Allen probably didn't have any real love with Luna. I am curious to what will happen to Allen though, he's been having a lot of trouble lately.
7/3/2014 c46 Shirubagure
Review for Chapter 45 (Since I already reviewed for Chapter 45 and can't review a second time, this is it.):

Interesting. xD I was so sad for Luna, how they broke up. D: I'm glad Luna just accepted it and smiled, but then again, that makes it even more sad. I'm fine with it, Luna and Allen not being a couple anymore. It's still sad, but I can accept it. I'm fine if this becomes a Laven, actually I prefer Laven over Yullen if this is going to become a yaoi fanfiction. If it doesn't have to be yaoi, then I guess it should be Allena, because I don't think someone could change the genders they like; unless Allen is bisexual. Anyways, I really loved this chapter. Allen will soon have to leave Hogwarts and Mai behind. :c My question though is, will Allen return to his wizard friends or after the exorcist war, will he not and stay with the Black Order? :c I just want to know, so if you decide either, I will accept them. The authors make the decisions and whether the viewers like it or not, they are what the author wants. :)

Authors should not make their stories based on what others want, but what the author thinks is best for the story to continue on and how it should be. :D So whether I dislike it, I wont mind it, because it is your choice and not mine on to how this should go. Well wish you luck and I will await your return! Good luck and keep on writing! I really like this DGM x Harry Potter crossover because unlike the others this one has Allen not being in the Black Order at first and it starts off with Allen being a wizard and then becoming involved in both wars. :) Again, good luck, keep writing, and I will await your return!

5/26/2014 c6 PotatoeGodess
This is a really good story and all but I would like to have it said that electronics do not work well with magic, or work at all for that matter. And so far they have been used twice in ways that could be substituted with spells. Despite the minor errors I really like it so far.
4/21/2014 c45 Kiki Jone-z
3/18/2014 c46 Guest
Ahh! No need to apologise! It's fine!

always does that. You have to double paragraph things, so at least one of them stays.

I'd advise skimming back over chters after you post them, just to be sure. :)
3/17/2014 c45 Guest
My gosh. Um, I'm not even going to try to read this before some paragraphs are put in. Wall of text or what!
3/18/2014 c46 3coronadomontes
No hay problema, es que cada ves que me llega a mi correo la actualizacion de que hiciste un nuevo capitulo me emociono mucho, por eso deje ese comentario, por eso reaccione mal
3/16/2014 c45 Noe
All I ask for is paragraphs, I'll read it in a bit just my eyes! Along with the fact I have no idea where the chapter really starts as it blends in.
3/18/2014 c46 Rex888
You are forgiven, sorry I was a bitch
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