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3/17/2014 c45 18Ennael
Yata! génial! ah! je suis si contente que vous ayez mis à jours!
Alors... je suis surprise par ton choix quant à la suite de l'histoire mais finalement je le trouve pas mal Sauf que je ne comprend pas, il est à l'école Allen, et tu ma dit qu'il y resterait pendant une grande partit de l'année,( j'espère qu'il sera la pour le club de défense!) donc le moment où il va partir c'est quand il va récupérer son arme anti-akuma? Mais alors pendant ce temps ils font quoi les exorcists, noahs et ordre? Parce que si ils se tournent les pouces pendant 6 mois c'est un peu bizar... Et puis je n'y connais rien en geographie mais je pense qu'il faut plus que deux mois pour aller jusqu'en chine en camion.
Sinon très bon chapitre, je suis trop contente que tu ai mis à jour
J'attend la suite très impatiament.

P.S: j'aurais bien aimé que tu integre Road dans l'histoire en 1er année, ça aurait vraiment été incroyable! tu te rend compte? Road VS Ombrage VS Allen... a ce niveau la ce ne sont même plus des étincelles mais un feu de forêt que ça va déclencher!
3/17/2014 c45 Rex888
You're lucky I like the ff, I can barely read it for the lack if paragraphs
3/16/2014 c45 5Shirubagure
I know for sure you didn't do this on purpose but could you possibly edit this so that ot won't be a big whole paragraph that's hard to read? :c I think FFN is having a problem like that right now.. Or not but you're the second person today who I saw had the same problem. So sorry, I read through halfway but with no spacing or paragraphs it got...irritating I suppose? Or annoying...? Something like that. I did enjoy it that far though. I'll definitely read the rest later, but I hope you edit this chapter and add spacing please?
3/16/2014 c45 3coronadomontes
me niego a leer este capitulo hasta que le des un formato decente ¿ por cierto ya sabes sobre SOPA 2014?
3/16/2014 c45 15honeyabyss
It may just be my computer or something, but for some reason all the paragraph breaks are completely missing from this chapter. Is it actually published like that on accident, or do I need to take a break from fanfiction for the night? But, I read through it all anyway, because I'd been waiting for so long for this chapter.

I have to say, when you told me you were going to break my heart this chapter, I was a bit concerned, and sure enough, you did. When Allen broke up with Luna, I really did start crying and started pouting. Luna was so sweet and wanted to be his friend even still and poor Allen was all mad at himself, and WAHHHHHH!

When Allen woke up and saw Mai being all adorable, I was really excited, and then you just threw the feels at me when Allen told himself he was a bad parent. That hurt my heart. This chapter was just a bunch of ups and downs, huh?

Hermione's talk with Allen was so motherly and sweet and it made me happy, even though I was trying to handle the feels because she was implying he should tell her everything and said all but "break up with her." Yup, feels.

Umbridge is being wonderfully nasty, so I think you've done well writing her character. Abyss-chan approves.
Also, i love how dangerously mad she gets at Allen. First, she's pissed off at Harry and Allen during class, and then after detention she sounds like she's about to literally kill him. I really can't wait to see some of the next detentions Allen has been assigned. I always love detentions with Umbridge for some reason. Don't judge me...

I was wondering how Allen was going to go through the whole training thing to try and get his arm back if he was with the wizards instead of the order. I think it was a fantastic idea to use the centaurs for this.

Oh, and speaking of getting hurt, I saw that the doctor's/nurse's/Whatever-he-is's name was Roufa... Sound's like huh Lou fa... teeheeheehee. (I don't know if that was on purpose or not)

McGonagall was pretty funny at the end. It reminds me of the time she told Peeves the chandelier untwists the other way when he was trying to drop it on Umbridge's head in the book. Ah, I love you, McGonagall.

Ugg, now i have so many questions. I want to know what the exorcists are thinking right now, if there are going to be any wizards or Mai pulled into the Ark somehow (I'm not exactly asking for it, just curious), I want to know if Link is going to stalk him and try to go to Hogwarts with Allen, if the wizards are going to meet any of the Noah (including Neah), when you're planning to sneak Lavi into Hogwarts, because I've forgotten, and just everything. Basically, I want to read your story, but I have to wait for updates. I can't read your mind either. Although, part of me doesn't want these questions answered because that'd be like spoilers, so then I'd have to wait even longer for the answers. *groans*

I missed you :3
Abyss-chan out!
3/16/2014 c45 Cana99 Archive
Umm could you possible edit this so that it has spacing.
3/16/2014 c45 1KappasRule
Sorry, but can you please separate this chapter into paragraphs so its easier to read. A block of words is hard to understand.
3/16/2014 c45 2Alaska.AL
Ummmmm... I really hate to say this after it took you a long time to get back but... Could you make paragraphs?
3/16/2014 c45 kickassdani
2/14/2014 c43 Guest
AllenXLuna is AEWSOME!
2/14/2014 c44 3coronadomontes
magnifico episodio,
2/14/2014 c44 18Ennael
Attend! il se passe trop de truc! les exorcistes apprennent l'existance de la magie, ils partent a la recherche de Cross, Allen est accroché à Lavi, Crory apparait, Timcampi apparait alors qu'il devrais être avec Mai, le bateau est attaqué, il y a Suman, Tyki entre enfin en scène et pourquoi, pourquoi Tyki sait qui est Allen?
Dan dle manga il ne le sait pas à ce moment là! ce n'est que plus tarde qu'il le découvre! et pourquoi Allen fait de la magie? Hein?
Sinon très bon chapitre où il se passe pleins de choses je suis content! mais comment vont les sorciers? ils me manque... Tu vas beaucoup faire interagir les noahs? j'espère, je les adores!
Et c'est quoi cette histoire de baguette? C'est le comte qui la créé ou quoi? ou alors Cross? non il l'aurais dit... alors Neah? non c'est le Comte!
Bref très bon chapitre et tu as intéret à très très très vite mettre la suite!
2/14/2014 c44 5Shirubagure
And Tyki is back. xD I really loved their reactions in the beginning of the chapter about the car. xD It was so amusing how they all acted and blamed Allen. Very wonderful too how Allen can speak so many languages fluent or not. xP
2/14/2014 c44 kickassdani
I'm glad your chapters gradually got longer, was kinda frustrating going through the short ones. This is a really good fic, I look forward to your next chapter
2/13/2014 c33 kickassdani
Brilliant! You gotta love Fred and George!
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