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for Dualing Personalities

2/15/2015 c1 1Wukky1
now this is a story that makes you think and has some depth - I really liked it
10/12/2014 c1 Guest
This was amazing! I love how you could take a simple problem that barely anyone knew existed, and can elaborate it so it seems that this matter is actually real. You've got a serious talent! This was awesome! I was so interested throughout the entire story!
Good Job!
5/1/2014 c1 shadowleaf
I did enjoy it. Thank you very much! [The scary thing is, I have these thoughts all the time...]
4/13/2013 c1 38ifithasapulse
This is amazing. I love how you really portrayed the confusion and pain that comes along with being two different people (or are they one)?
7/13/2012 c1 girlofathousandstorys
It's the superman paradox: whose real, superman or Clark kent? Because in Clark Kent's persona, he does nothing like superman and superman does nothing like Clark kent. Therefore, as they are one living being they are like two seperate identitys.
6/1/2012 c1 23oneoffour111
This story raises some interesting questions! I loved the experience of looking at Dick/Robin's past through his own eyes, and the comparison with Wally near the end hit home. Very nice job - thank you for writing this!
5/31/2012 c1 117thecivilunrest
So. I found this interesting, at the very least. The ending had a bit of an attitude, which I liked, but it also seemed very... flippant? I don't know, that might not be the right word, but it was interesting.

I kind of like the idea of Robin being torn between Dick Grayson and Robin, kind of like the Batman. But I also feel like because he has to watch Batman deal with that, and because of this he'd learn to morph the two sides of him into one... pretty much.

I don't know. I guess my view of Dick is different than yours (probably a lot harsher because we all know that I am not crazy fond of them) and that might have colored my opinion of this piece-which is very thought provoking-a lot.

But I think you brought up my earlier point here:

/the Joker would still set off a bomb in his school or assassinate Bru-Batman (oh god who is he?/

in a way, and because of this I think you tried to touch upon that? I don't know.

I also just really liked these lines:

/There was too much they had in common; both are wide-eyed boys stepping around the fluctuating shadows of a corrupt world, heaving their broken and beaten hearts (and minds, and sometimes bodies) onward along the path from childhood to being a man. Pain played a prominent role in both of their lives-unimaginable agony was brought upon Dick Grayson, and Robin had brought unimaginable agony of an entirely different kind upon others./

I think they say a lot, and bring your point across quite nicely.

The technical writing was very nice, and I enjoyed this, even if I didn't necessarily agree with all of the characterization.
5/16/2012 c1 19Amelie Nockturne
This is really, really good. I love the tiny inserts of Robin humor, and this is just... awesome. Thanks so much for writing!
3/2/2012 c1 i-Spit-on-Fire
That was amazing. Absolutely breathtakingly amazing.

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