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5/26/2020 c7 No Choice
And here I was hoping that he'd be sorted into Ravenclaw, it makes no sense that Henry goes to Hufflepuff as, like his brother, he should have been given the choice, not to mention that with the current description of him he isn't hardworking nor can he be considered loyal as he wanted to torture his own brother. Either Griffindoor or Slytherin he should have entered either of these houses just based on his currently shown characteristics :(
6/16/2019 c7
10/22/2018 c7 Guest
10/22/2018 c2 asdfghjkl
It’s good.
...And the yellow with pink polka dots were unexpected
9/30/2018 c7 Guest
It’s really good well done
4/12/2015 c2 Guest
Cool! The twins rock!
4/11/2015 c7 Phantom's breath
I really love this story! You left out the unimportant bits, which I am really grateful for.
I also like that you gave Henry am actual character and showed his thoughts instead of just giving him one line as a bully, then humiliate him and never let him appear again.
I personally think he would have fit in Slytherin too, since he made plans concerning Harry and all, but it's your story, and if you think Hufflepuff suits him then it does.

I really hope you will write again, I would love to read more.
3/6/2015 c7 Guest
11/17/2014 c1 4Findarato
Why you haven't updated yet? Please continue, I want to read about those who hurt Harry noticing their mistake and getting what they deserve! When are you updating?
8/18/2014 c1 Guest
I'd love to read this but unfortunately, I won't. I really want to though, however, I know I'll be disappointed when I start and can't finish.
7/8/2014 c1 WordHunter
Wow this is good, I like the way you describe things through Harry's eyes. Please update, I'll be waiting for the next chapter!
6/29/2014 c7 7BlackJackBJ
Great story, looking forward to the next chapters. (I mean if you update.)
6/29/2014 c4 BlackJackBJ
Great story!
6/29/2014 c2 BlackJackBJ
I love this story, I don't usually read long Author Notes, but short ones are fine by me.
5/31/2014 c7 Want More Plz
I wish you updated this.
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