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9/8/2013 c5 38Moonphase
Rorschach seems really ooc here... I'm not totally buying all of this. But I like the concept.
9/8/2013 c4 Moonphase
woah, they are super young in this! I'm going to have to concentrate because whenever I think of Rorschach and Night Owl/Walter and Daniel, I always imagine gruff guys in their 30's-40's.

I'm also guessing that this is based in the 60's or early 70's?
9/8/2013 c1 Moonphase
Ror clearly read '50 shades' and has been duly misinformed of BDSM and traumatised :'(
9/5/2013 c11 Guest
this story is just too incredible! but where is the rest of it?
12/25/2012 c11 28Finn35
This is... AWESOME! I can not wait for the next chapter!

- V
9/16/2012 c11 6Viviane Renard
Well-written and enjoyable! It's a fun fic so far. :)
8/29/2012 c11 mishybot
I'm absolutely in love with this story and I hope you'll update it soon. I'm glad you made sure to get the point across about the Sadist/Masochist stuff. I hate when people automatically presume. Love the way you portray Dan & Walter. Update soon!
8/17/2012 c11 Guest
This AU is both interesting and hot. I hope you continue on cause I'd love to see where there relationship goes from here.
8/3/2012 c7 kawi axnav
seriously!i love it.i shall never pass these stories up again:).
8/3/2012 c4 Guest
you know...i dont read these kind of stories.I sorta just passem up...I shall endevor to correct my error...thank you for this story.I love it.
4/12/2012 c1 Ania087
Wow, this story is very creative and different. I'm wondering, is Rorschach a switch? Please update soon :)
3/4/2012 c9 8EatingClouds
This is so interesting!

I've never heard of an AU like this before so it feels like I'm treading into some new grounds of the internet.

Guh, I love the dialogue between these two 3

Hope to see more!

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