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7/21 c1 Cassandra30
Very punny!
6/3 c82 Ariadne Venegas
I love it!
5/29 c71 2adafrog
5/22 c66 adafrog
5/21 c55 adafrog
5/16 c77 12excessivelyperky
Ack ack ack ack ack! (channeling MARS ATTACKS).
5/11 c76 excessivelyperky
Now if only Harry can remember to do that for Voldemort...

Oh, and be able to rescue himself every once in a while.
4/5 c75 excessivelyperky
Oops. You need to be careful with magical oaths...
1/28 c74 excessivelyperky
Oh, no, Harry's not gone Dark at all! /s

I wonder who else will be the victim of his special abilities? And how soon his friends will start walking very carefully around him.

It's a GOOD life.
1/28 c73 excessivelyperky
You go, Death!

Efficient as ever.
1/23 c27 2adafrog
1/4 c75 110Right What Is Wrong

Now I kind of want a tale in which Lily's blood protection works as intended, and goes after people who intend harm towards little Harry. Mr. Raising Him Like A Pig To The Slaughter, Albus Dumbledore, among them.
1/4 c76 Right What Is Wrong
Huh. I guess Harry is much, MUCH stronger casting silently than the regular way?

Let's hope Voldemort takes the hint and decides to become Dark Lord of Antarctica instead.
1/4 c86 Right What Is Wrong
Ahahahaha! Nice.

Congratulations on 100 chapters, by the way!
1/4 c87 Right What Is Wrong
...this explains so much.
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