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1/4 c75 110Right What Is Wrong

Now I kind of want a tale in which Lily's blood protection works as intended, and goes after people who intend harm towards little Harry. Mr. Raising Him Like A Pig To The Slaughter, Albus Dumbledore, among them.
1/4 c76 Right What Is Wrong
Huh. I guess Harry is much, MUCH stronger casting silently than the regular way?

Let's hope Voldemort takes the hint and decides to become Dark Lord of Antarctica instead.
1/4 c86 Right What Is Wrong
Ahahahaha! Nice.

Congratulations on 100 chapters, by the way!
1/4 c87 Right What Is Wrong
...this explains so much.
1/4 c90 Right What Is Wrong
...I will never look at Neville the same way again.

I never expected that he was NERFING himself when he wielded the Sword of Gryffindor rather than... a plant...
1/4 c92 Right What Is Wrong
...good LORD, I am terrified by what this implies about wizards' livers.

The thought of a long-lived Hagrid being behind the Weyland-Yutani Corporation is genuinely horrifying. I've often made fun of/pointed out Hagrid's unsafe nature around a school full of children, but now I'm downright unnerved. Thank you. I'm never going to look at him the same way again.
1/4 c93 Right What Is Wrong
Oof. You know, this is a completely different direction from *most* fics bringing up the 'lead cauldron' issue. I like it.
1/4 c94 Right What Is Wrong
Um - you wrote that Severus Snape was also shipped off because of "the chain of intent", but you also wrote that "the Weasley boy" had cursed Harry. Shouldn't Dumbledore and *Ron* have been punted into the memory hole? (At the very least, it sounds like Dumbledore, Snape, *and* Ron should have all gone into the memory hole.)

Details aside, this is a great idea. :D I really enjoy benevolent!well-protected!Hogwarts fics.
1/4 c95 Right What Is Wrong
Is Harry's trunk now the master of the Elder Wand?

That said, Harry should just drag his trunk into the Great Hall one night, warn all the House-Elves not to touch it, and engrave his name across the top so everyone knows who its owner is. Would send a *lot* of idiots back to preschool so they could learn how to be decent people this time. I'd say most of Slytherin, a good deal of Ravenclaw (if Luna's bullying is any indication), a distressing amount of Gryffindors, and possibly even a few Hufflepuffs. And thus Hogwarts would become a much better place. :)

...and if he did that to the Ministry, he'd oust most of government, but leave Fewer But Better Wizengamot members.
1/4 c97 Right What Is Wrong

Now Harry just needs to do that to Voldemort himself. Shouldn't be too hard, given Wizarding intelligence...

'Dear Tommy,
Here's my phoenix-feather wand. Too much to hope that it'll make you a decent wizard, but maybe you can learn to be a pinball wizard, at least.
'Curse you, Potter! I'll take your measly wand, and then I'll exact vengeance for your insolence on your hi-'
1/4 c98 Right What Is Wrong
'A female voice rang out, "anyone got a shilling for the electric meter?"'
Another female voice rang out, "Are you a witch or what? Lumos!"


Sorry, I'm afraid I really don't get this one...
1/4 c99 Right What Is Wrong
Oh lawd.

Well, it's well deserved! 123 times?! That reaper should have been fired long ago!
12/21/2020 c72 12excessivelyperky
Yay, Luggage! (destroying Voldemort is actually worth more than three exclamation points, but I do believe three are enough to convey sufficient joy).
12/19/2020 c100 29fragonknight01
Just finished reading the whole story. Loved a few, liked most, and only flinched at two! awesome job.
12/17/2020 c70 12excessivelyperky
So now the Carrows will run the school with no Snape to restrain them. There go Ginny and Neville...

But Harry clearly has only the memories that Dumbledore gave him-and let's be real, Albus never liked Snape that much anyway.
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