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9/29/2020 c93 21katmom
Whoa! Harsh...nicely done.
9/29/2020 c98 BMS
9/29/2020 c97 BMS
9/29/2020 c95 BMS
I wonder if he'll be a better person after he grows up this time.
9/29/2020 c94 BMS
This is what happens when you take other peoples' things Alby old boy. 8)
A nice bit of delayed justice.
9/29/2020 c1 Pteaset
Love it so good
9/29/2020 c97 11joemjackson
Bye Snape! Ok Professor Snape
9/29/2020 c94 joemjackson
The Marauders still getting rid of Snape is cool
9/29/2020 c95 12Noir Detective
Pity, till the last paragraph I thought that Harry bought that certain luggage made from thinking pearwood. I expected that the last thing albums saw was opening of the lid to reveal it was full is wooden teeth, the last thing he had heard was the sound as several hundred tiny feet springing into an lunge...

Cheers ND
9/29/2020 c98 155slytherinsal
Ok, I know lockdown creates silliness but what were you on?
9/29/2020 c97 slytherinsal
9/29/2020 c95 slytherinsal
oh very nice
9/12/2020 c89 Hetc
So many good stories, from the wonderfully awful Neville pun, to the dalek to the time turners to Umbridge's boggart , but so far my absolute favourite is Mars is loud tonight.
Thank you so much for writing.
9/10/2020 c19 richardrobinsonjr
Very good, I really enjoyed this chapter. I found the idea unique and it fit the song well! I fear I will remember this when ever I hear the song from now on.

I would love to see you give it a little more polish and release it as a story in it's own right.

Richard Robinson
8/3/2020 c92 3Nebresh
very nice!
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