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8/2/2020 c92 32unlikely2
Try "Killing Elvis" by David Hines (hradzka) , if you haven't as yet.
8/1/2020 c92 Cateagle
I suspect Hagrid would find even them "misunderstood". I could see him being behind that edict, unsuccessful as it may be.

The appropriate container for alkahest is solidified and stabilized alkahest, otherwise only a single molecule of alkahest would exist.
8/1/2020 c92 sandipi
Hagrid's tombstone is going to read: He was killed by his 'friends'.
8/1/2020 c92 jkarr
this is a fun read
8/1/2020 c92 2shadewatcher
Bwahahahahahahaaaa! XD
8/1/2020 c92 BMS
Ah, the things a drunk Mater of Death gets up to...
Nice couple of shorts.

Hagrid's Take on Xenos:
"They're not monsters Harry, just wee misunderstood beasties. Awe isn't he a cutie. You think I'll get to name him?" ... Hagrid breathes out through bloody lips staring down at the little Xeno that had just tore its way through his chest until finally, the life leaves his eyes.
Why yes, Hagrid is behind Weyland's desire to take them alive. I heard he used the Imperious on old man Weyland.
I can't write Hagrid's accent properly so didn't even try. Feel free to hear it in your head as you read above.
Until next time.
8/1/2020 c92 155slytherinsal
Like the x-over with Alien!
I know about spit-takes with that dratted alien, my then boyfriend [subsequently husband] thought it would be a great film to show his girlfriend of 3 weeks ... in a darkened room for mood ... and his ruddy cat put her paw on my shoulder just as the alien struck!
the poor cat flew across the room pursued by a mouthful of hot tea [she later climbed on my lap, having forgiven me] because when startled I go more into fight than flight mode. That cat had impeccable timing with films; damn I miss Maggie May.
7/27/2020 c91 32unlikely2
He'll be up before the beak for that.
7/27/2020 c91 digbygreen
7/26/2020 c91 kimjo2
Magnifique! Thanks
7/26/2020 c91 2shadewatcher
Bwahahahahahahaaaa! XD Awesome
7/26/2020 c91 sandipi
LOL! Thank you. I needed the laugh.
7/26/2020 c90 2adafrog
Go Neville!
7/26/2020 c91 adafrog
7/26/2020 c91 EP
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