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for The Legend of Gaia's Sennin

11/24 c7 HyperA2019
Will there be any Naruto x Aerith lemon scenes?
11/24 c6 HyperA2019
Looking forward to Chapter 39.
11/20 c38 27JensenDaniels32
Uh, pretty sure that Naruto CAN do something against Sephiroth.
11/20 c37 JensenDaniels32
Wouldn't be the 1st meteor that Naruto's had to deal with.
11/20 c37 JensenDaniels32
Naruto could have just, oh I don't know, SEALED the black materia-temple and all-away in a scroll?
11/20 c36 JensenDaniels32
Oh god, please tell me that you're still planning on uploading chapter 39 and that you're still on this website, author.
11/20 c32 JensenDaniels32
YES! Now THIS is what I'm talking about!
11/19 c31 JensenDaniels32
The whole Coral arc, I mean.
11/19 c31 JensenDaniels32
This entire arc just seemed like an entire waste of time.
11/19 c27 JensenDaniels32
Bullshit. You have a moral compass for a reason, author. Don't be a retard.
11/18 c38 HyperA2019
Looking forward to Chapter 39.
11/18 c16 JensenDaniels32
11/18 c13 JensenDaniels32
Oh, right...his limitations.
11/18 c13 JensenDaniels32
SHE saved everyone? What, and Naruto couldn't have?
11/18 c12 JensenDaniels32
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