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12/2 c4 Yuan Villaceran
should've not include Sasuke but eh.. there's a mysterious appeal when it's only Naruto tbh. but still, it's your choice anyway. good chapter though! keep it up
11/22 c17 Luxo11
You nerf him so you can stick to canon which is pathetic on your part
11/1 c38 Guest
Good to have you back buddy.
10/27 c1 drakiesan
I don't know How a person can write so much and still not say anything. A pure word vomit
10/19 c38 SonicBlast4444
Well that was a fun read. I look forward to more. Also after playing amd 100%ing FF7R. I dont like aerith much. At all. Im a fan on Tifa or Yuffie. But thid is a fanfic. And existed prior tp FF7R. So ur version of Aerith i DO like.
10/17 c38 6GlaringEyes
So glad for the update! And here's the plot twist we're all waiting for; Aerith surviving the infamous scene with Sephiroth. I admit it was kind of expected though; with Naruto around, it was very unlikely Sephiroth would have been able to pull that sneaky attack this time. And now that Aerith's alive, let's see how this affect the future plot. And I suspect that Cloud won't the only one losing his mind due to the Jenova's cells; Sasuke got them too, and I think he'll be a much greater threat to the group than Cloud.

The first half of the chapter was great, as your story so far is. But the second half felt a bit lacking in comparison; the fight between Naruto and Sephiroth felt a bit weird (Naruto didn't seem as if he were trying that hard to win, and a Sephiroth clone shouldn't have survived a Rasenshuriken); and their journey up to the City of the Ancients and up north felt a bit rushed, as if you were trying to wrap it up quickly. But it was still a great chapter. Hope you update it soon!
10/15 c38 Shadow
Loved it! Can't wait for the next chapter!
10/14 c17 1Bearmauls
Barrett is a liability and I can't believe Naruto brought him along. He complains, doesn't follow instructions and is very frustrating. And Naruto is still forgetting about his human stasis scroll, which would let him make Aerith completely safe, as nobody but him could release her from stasis.
10/14 c16 Bearmauls
The living storage scroll you introduced last chapter makes Naruto's hesitancy about sneaking in solo less logical to me. he can henge and sneak in, find Aerith, put her into a storage scroll, then henge his way out. No non-stealthy party members required.
10/14 c14 Bearmauls
The fight was good, but I was surprised that Naruto was so shocked by the 'death' of his clone. I know the clones work differently in FF7 world, but Naruto already trains against them, so he's used to the feeling of them dispelling. If a cline dying is enough to throw him off that much, it's not really a viable combat technique (and yet he's still using it like one?)
10/14 c38 Stonepotrice
Yooo man it's been awhile! thanks for the chapter and showing that it isn't abandoned. I had to go back and read the last 10 chapters to refresh myself. One thing that confused me was that Naruto could have used a shadow clone to retrieve the black materia.
idk the power scale here for sephiroth but to walk away from a rasen-shuriken that attacks on the cellular level is jawdropping.
sage of six paths powers? does that require kurama in Canon?
And shukaku's powers too?
I feel there are some major loop holes in sephiroth's plans? while yes he would absorb a lot of power he wouldn't be the strongest in existence, just on that planet since they know jenova came from the stars. it would be a comical moment for Naruto to point out along with the fact that he too is from another world.

hope to see more soon if not keep up your passion for writing
10/12 c38 Guest
Sephiroth would die to a rasenshuriken especially a fake version
10/12 c38 1Rycott
Oh man... it has been a while.

Nice new chapter... and Aerith lives! I was so hoping that with Naruto about she would but was expecting my heart to be broken again... just like the false hope Remake Part 2 is going to give us.

Tifa in the snow would definitely be a bit... nippy ;D

*badum tish* I'm here all week.

Though I do wonder what they will do with the characters outfits in the snow area in remake or if they'll just totally ignore it. Be nice to see what kind of cold weather outfits they come up with if they do rug them up.
10/12 c38 2Narudevilfan
Was so happy to see an update! Good luck with your writing and hope to see more soon.
10/12 c38 Uday Sra
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