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3/7/2021 c4 brutusjr
Well... since it is your story feel free to hit us over the head with the Sasuke add in, but he is everyone's least favorite character either good or bad. He always just takes away from the story, and I am sure he will do the same in this story.
3/7/2021 c37 Bring Back Harry
Hey dude, I'm someone who really enjoys your Harry Potter stories and i would appreciate it if you could start writing it again. My birthday is coming up and i gotta get surgery for a back issue so ill be stuck in a hospital ward for the next 3 months so please do me a huge favor and start writing again.
Cheers dude i love your work
3/8/2021 c18 rharper909
Okay I'm confused you nerfed naruto to him being able to use his jutsu as materia and cam only use one at a time

There is no kutsma on chapter 17 or 18 and no kurama

You took down the pms so we can't pm you or anything
I'm very confused on wtf you are doing with the story
Because if this is after ninja war naruto he should be very op but wait I forgot you nerfed him for some reason. Anyway when is kurama going to show his face can naruyo even do sage mode or did you take that too I mean you had Sasuke with his stupid eyes so
3/6/2021 c37 Shadow
Loved it, awesome chapter!
3/7/2021 c37 1rykott
I do enjoy this story and this was another good chapter.
3/7/2021 c37 Tera12
Great chapter xD Cant wait for more
3/6/2021 c37 6GlaringEyes
It was interesting to see Sasuke's first real interaction with Naruto's group. And I'm surprised both of them could remain (relatively) civil toward each other, even when alone. From previous chapters, it seemed Naruto was hell bent on killing Sasuke, but now he seemed rather divided about that. Maybe because Sasuke lost his memories (so it wouldn't do to kill someone who doesn't even know why he's being killed), maybe Naruto still feels some tiny companionship towards Sasuke, or maybe because he wants to keep his promise to Jiraiya, or perhaps a combination of all above. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how things between them will be settled up in the future.

Haven't anyone tell Barett about Jessie yet? But again, maybe Naruto decided it'd be better if as few people as possible knew about her being alive. Barett isn't the most discreet man, so he could potentially lead Shinra to her. Naruto could have left one of his shadow clones to solve the puzzles, but maybe the temple had some sort of magical protection to prevent him from doing so, in order to guarantee that a sacrifice must be given to obtain the Black Materia (Cait Sith isn't exactly a living entity, right, but it was implied in the game that he has some degree of independent thinking as an A.I., and that every new version of Cait Sith has some differences from the previous, so he could qualify as a 'sacrifice').

And in a plot twist, Aerith doesn't go to the City of the Ancients alone, Naruto goes with her. I have a feeling of how it'll affect her fate, but better wait until it happens. Hope you update it soon!
3/6/2021 c37 crazeface
Not sure if I missed something, but didn’t Jessie survive in this story? I know she died in the original ff7, but didn’t you save her in this one?
3/6/2021 c35 dismissedspace46
Does Naruto not have any seals to store their belongings in them or was that explained earlier and I just missed it?
3/6/2021 c37 Uday Sra
3/5/2021 c37 2Apex Calibre
Love it :D
3/5/2021 c37 Mythiggy
Please don't kill Aerith. I might not be able to take it.
3/5/2021 c37 3SoloChrollo
Thank you for the update! You don't have to worry about ur writing it's great! See you next time!
3/5/2021 c37 YuukiAsuna-Chan
The whole story has felt contrived. An end fourth war Naruto having trouble in against anything in this is contrived.

It's one of my biggest annoyances with this fic, why use end fourth war Naruto if you don't want him to stomp everything? Use Pain Arc Naruto or something.
3/5/2021 c37 8Jebest4781
this was great and boy dreading what's to come in the coming chapter with the iconic moment done in FF7
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