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3/5/2021 c37 2dextron11
This chapter felt better than the previous one did. It was nice to see Naruto summon someone other than Shiva. I have been worried that Naruto isn’t really progressing in this story. He may have grown on a personal level, but he doesn’t seem to be getting more powerful. It would be nice to see him gain another materia slot or reduce his chakra cost. However, actually using the summons he has been collecting like baseball cards is good progress on that front.
One note on continuity. Jessie is alive in this story. You had Naruto save her life and leave her with Elmyra back in Midgar.
3/5/2021 c37 2Hisoka316
A pleasant surprise as always, I will forever love this story. So thank you for continuing the story despite the success of your books.
3/5/2021 c37 WarzPark
Why Man Why Are U Making Naruto So Weak
3/5/2021 c37 Dasgun
3/5/2021 c37 4Monster King
3/3/2021 c3 RyofuHosen
To be franc I was interested in the story and found it interesting the way you implemented Naruto's ability into the story, but now I will stop reading.

Having Sasuke in the story completely ruin it for me, it's like having a second MC destroying the feeling of having the MC being "Unique". Then what? have Obito and Madara as well? no thanks, the moment you implemented someone else from the world of Naruto you made the story bland and non interesting.
3/3/2021 c6
I believe that the Silmarillion in elvish would be easier to read than this recreation of the first mission at FF7...
3/1/2021 c36 codywhite162
Really loved this chapter and am looking forward to the next update for it! This is one of my all time favorite stories!
2/21/2021 c1 Dasgun
2/15/2021 c3 Stonepotrice
Okay so Sasuke has his sharigan does that mean that Naruto can go sage mode?
Back to the infiltration why didn't Naruto place and conceal some explosive tags just in case?
2/14/2021 c1 Stonepotrice
Great start! Hey our boy knows how to make basic breakfast and not drink spoiled milk .
Not sure why he can only use one materia I was thinking maybe one per limb at least or even if just sticking to canon Naruto that would be 2 materia if you are including his wind element with his non element moves.
Expect many reviews from me
2/10/2021 c36 Guest
Hey, glad to hear from you, man, and glad that this story updated a bit too, I was kinda hoping that Naruto would somehow get to go on a date with both Aerith and Tifa, and somehow manage to pull it off, because Cloud can be a bit of a moron and a jerk when it comes to relationships, not to mention that Cloud can also go on a date with Barrett or Yuffie in the game, and as far as I know, Barrett's date is the only one with an achievement, "Best Bromance", if there is an achievement for Aerith or Tifa, I never heard of it, but if someone was playing FF7 and wanted to go for a full completion, they would probably be trying to have Cloud go the Barrett route... weird, right?

P. S. What you did with Cissnei was pretty cool, all things considered, but still a little stiff, but there was good potential there, I admit. Also, I think you really should have done the situation with Yuffie a little better though, Naruto may have been an idiot, but after what happened with Hinata, he wouldn't be that oblivious anymore, plus he's still a ninja sage with great training, and he was on a bit of a business mission, so he'd be more alert and aware, for that particular occasion at least. Hope this helps. Peace and Love.

~Black Jeans-Wearing-Blue Jean.
2/10/2021 c1 JEFF
I was wondering, if you could do a Naruto X Smite Goddesses?
2/10/2021 c36 1rykott
I'm super glad you found the time in-between writing all your original novels to update one of your fanfiction stories. I super enjoyed them which is what got me into reading your original works in the first place.

As for the chapter, after FFVII Remake I've been on a bit of an FFVII kick so I super enjoyed this. The ripples Naruto is creating are just getting bigger and hopefully mostly for the better.

I do feel sorry for Naruto for getting cock-blocked by the spy though... well, kind of sorry since he is slowly forming his own harem :D
2/7/2021 c1 4AadenHelan
so how he can't use any of his jutsu is doesn't make sense, because he shape them from his own energy not from the planet, because if you think chakra is from the planet then every single person in Elemental Nations is a sage and can use nature chakra, so he they gone is beyond me, did you make his body destroyed and GAIA decided to reshaped his body? he is transported not reincarnated or reborn. so this is like what i said on my original review this Naruto is a cheap copy and disgraced version of Naruto and chakra system
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