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2/7/2021 c1 4AadenHelan
and beside after rereading, i forgot to put my opinions on this chapter, Chakra is a life-force right, so mako is nature Chakra. and Naruto chakra wouldn't be a problem unless his Chakra coil got damaged somehow
2/7/2021 c5 AadenHelan
Ah i see, so this story is about the so called Naruto after 4th Shinobi War, or to be more precise is some weak and disgraceful version of Naruto like every Naruto x-overs fic in this website, i mean if you want to nerf him and make him a disgrace from his 4th war version, then why don't you just a version before the war or after the training with Jiraiya at least it would make more sense than you choose a Naruto at his peak of power and choose to nerf him, i don't care the reason. "oh he would be to OP if he is the original version from 4th war" then don't use that version of characters wtf
2/6/2021 c36 Alyr Lin
Thanks for the chapter.
2/4/2021 c36 Guest
So it totally works but im wondering if shiva can fit in narutos harem somewhere
2/6/2021 c36 Braeden1002
So the coming parts of this story are something that I have been wanting to see ever since the first chapter. Everyone knows what happens in the Ancient City and how it shapes so much of the game after the fact. But with Naruto and Aerith being a couple and the pain that he has already experienced before I just cannot see him allowing this to happen to her. Moreover, I cannot see her leaving the party and going off on her own as was portrayed in the game. I am also looking forward to the moment that Naruto and Sephiroth can have an actual throwdown without having to worry about collateral damage.

But I can also say that the following chapters in which the Turks finally reveal themselves and their connection with Cait Sith will be interesting to see how the rest of the party reacts to this. Especially as I would not be surprised that Naruto already knew and the pouch containing the Keystone either had a fake or it is being contained in a scroll which would mean that only Naruto could get it.
2/6/2021 c17 HyuunaRyuuna
i meann... you could always torture Hojo,if can't kill him
2/5/2021 c13 HyuunaRyuuna
really... another nerf bruv :v
2/4/2021 c1 Nikkless
nerf much
2/4/2021 c1 Nikkless
idiotic decision to take the core away
2/3/2021 c5 HyuunaRyuuna
soo... sasuke gonna have full use of his power like on canon or gonna be nerf like naruto...
2/3/2021 c5 HyuunaRyuuna
can you just use obito instead madara...

is kinda weird and confuse me...
2/2/2021 c2 HyuunaRyuuna
i think you gave naruto to much of a nerf...

can you buff him on the next patch?
2/2/2021 c36 1reds-pidgeon
Yaaay a new chapter :)
2/2/2021 c14 sp4rtan12
2/1/2021 c36 6GlaringEyes
So glad to see this story is still going on. This is one of my favorite stories, that's why it's on my Favorites list.

The group is finally complete with Cid, but it didn't stay whole for long thanks to Cait Sith. I'm curious about what kind of agreement Naruto's group will arrange with the Turks, since Cait Sith couldn't escape like in the game. Maybe they will provide the Keystone, while the Turks provide the transportation to the Temple of the Ancients. Or perhaps once they find out that Reeve is the one behind Cait Sith, they might feel more considerate, since Reeve is not a greedy scum like the other Shinra directors. Naruto and Sasuke have another altercation, and again Naruto quickly bested him, but I believe once Sasuke recovers his memory, he'll put up more of a fight. Hope you update it soon!
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