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7/14/2020 c3 Guest
Aerith's not going to mention Laila's perfume that would've gotten on Naruto? Or did he take a long shower? Hope this helps...~Black Jeans-Wearing-Blue Jean.
7/5/2020 c33 Guest
You know, in previous chapters, you say Yuffie is sixteen, in others, you say she is eighteen, I think you made an error here and there, considering she's supposed to be underage, also, Naruto wouldn't be sarcastic with someone who's handling his food, being a ninja as well as someone who likes eating, he'd be a lot more polite instead, also, considering the guy at the entrance told them to be on their best behaviour, Naruto wouldn't be trying to piss anyone off, still good chap, though...~Black Jeans-Wearing-Blue Jean.
7/5/2020 c32 Guest
I thought Tifa was with Cloud looking after Ms. Faire, how did she manage to join the fight? ~Black Jeans-Wearing-Blue Jean.
7/5/2020 c29 Guest
Why is Naruto hating on Cait Sith for the fortunes? The first one was a pretty good one, in my opinion. if it's because it's not a love fortune, then he should've said something like, "This doesn't sound like a love fortune at all." while raising his eyebrow and staring at Cait Sith. Still good, though. ~Black Jeans-Wearing-Blue Jean.
7/5/2020 c27 Guest
Hmm, the part with Aerith suggesting Cloud join in was funny, but I think a lot of people, myself included were hoping she would've said Tifa, instead, along with a comment like "Come on, I've seen the way she and all the other girlies look at you sometime, she's such a nice, pretty, sweetie girl, and it makes me so jealous all the time, but I wouldn't mind sharing as. Long. As. I. Stay. First" while stroking his chest with her finger flirtatiously, while saying that part, you know, because she's drunk and all... then, not only would that have been funny, but everyone would've been pretty shocked, and Naruto would be surprised that his girlfriend had a bit of that side to her, even if she were drunk, while Barrett would've shook his head in disbelief before hanging his head and mumbling something, like "so not fair", or something like that, Yuffie would've probably made a scene later, or even had an outburst right then, or something, hope this helps... ~Black Jeans-Wearing-Blue Jean.
6/16/2020 c1 Nitpick
Materia is described as the knowledge of the ancients distilled into a physical form. By tapping into that knowledge people are able to use 'magic', which Sephiroth claims is actually a misnomor. So, following that logic, Naruto's techniques being unusable without materia is... backwards. Materia does stuff because the ancients could do it. The ancients couldn't do it because materia does stuff.

So... Dafuq?
6/18/2020 c35 6GlaringEyes
Now that was an awesome story! You, my friend, are a great writer. It's been a while since I read something of this quality. You've integrated Naruto into the FF7 plot very well. But what excels the most in your story are the characters' interactions. Their lines, the way they talk and react to each other are greatly written, giving them a very human feel.

One thing I feel like criticizing though is the fact that Naruto seems a bit overpowered. Yeah, some of the readers think he's nerfed, but I say he's too powerful. I mean, he knows practically every jutsu in existence with the exception of the Sharingan-related ones, he claims every Summoning Materia the party finds, he has infinite stamina and chakra (which makes the higher Jutsu drain somehow pointless), he fights on equal ground as Sephiroth's... he's practically a god. In the end, it feels a bit of a downer, because every battle he's in gets predictable. Even Sasuke, who was included to be his nemesis, doesn't seem up to the task. I hope you balance that a bit futurely.

And now the party is almost complete. Only Cid is missing, and they're close to recruiting him, probably in the next chapter. On a side note, since Cissnei is already a relevant part of the story, another Crisis Core character I'd like to see is Kunsel. Any chance of bringing him in too? And I wonder what Sasuke is doing. Is he going to show up with Rufus in Rocket Town? I'm kind of curious to see how the other members of Naruto's party would react to him, maybe even measure their strength against him.

I agree that many great fics haven't been updated as of late. Kenchi618's 'True Warriors Never Die' was last updated in 2014, just to name a few. Your last update was more than two years ago, so I really hope you haven't given up on this story, just as I hope the new FF7 Remake gives you the necessary inspiration to continue it. Hope you update it soon!
6/16/2020 c15 Guest
Why the fuck did you nerf naruto so bad? You made it seem like he would be able to do all this cool shit at the beginning then you make him lose to super weak no names that he should be able to one shot. Hell you gave him wood release and you use it to make flowers. He could summon trees and destory most of the people he has lost too. I just don't get it. Im guessing just from the fact you have Sasuke in this story he is going to be super god like while you make naruto a loser. Droped
6/4/2020 c33 supboyyyyy93
OHHHHHHH KAAAAAYYYYYYY! WOW Aerith! Who knew she could act sooooo...what's the word i'm looking?..."freaky" in bed. Jesus, i know that in a chapter awhile back that Aerith was really loud during sexual activities but not to THAT extent, lol. Holy shit, she gave no fucks whatsoever to whoever heard her, lol.
5/30/2020 c30 supboyyyyy93
The story so far is still pretty damn good, but i really hope you don't plan to give Naruto EVERY summon materia, Shiva is enough, Ifrit should go to somebody else. Just because Naruto is much stronger than the average person doesn't mean he should get more than one summon, Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, and Barrett should each have one as well.
5/26/2020 c23 6Arrexu
1. your story is amazing and cute.
2. best ff7 naruto xover hands down.

my only problem...

why did u nerf him that bad?

I said it this chapter cause I feel like the next one has some answers to that question or at least, I hope so.

cause cmon... naruto getting exhausted by a single rasenshuriken? even if the chakra cost is double or triple than normal, naruto could throw 30 of those no problem.

If, by the time u wrote this, naruto, couldn't do that, ok sure, that's fine with me but there sure were other moments where he got exhausted by a few jutsu that shouldn't even leave him that exhausted

You hyped him up with all those buffs by making him know all those jutsu, and he can't even use them?

there were plenty of times he used jutsu and got exhausted by it. And you made the excuse of his chakra being restored faster than normal.

if Naruto truly were a war vet, then that right there is a good reason to be concerned. What use are 1000 jutsu when u can't even use 10 of them in quick succession?

If you really wanted him to be weak then pls don't give him powers you won't let him use.

Sure you can say that as a ninja, he'll only use what's necessary to win.

but goddamnit... don't make him as exhausted as u portrayed him to be by using a single S rank jutsu. he wasn't even that dead on his feet the first time he used it against kakuzu. nor was he that exhausted the 3 times he used it on pain

and ur naruto is obviously supposed to be op! He fought Madara Uchiha trice dang it!

and ur hinting some silver-haired dude is a concern for the "strongest ninja" of his time?

heck, those monsters could have been killed by a wind enhanced slash with that sword of his.

Again if you really wanna nerf him for suspense... don't give him that many powers and false rep in the first place.

getting exhausted after fighting for a day but being able to fight tobi, madara and then sasuke (with help) back to back... it's just an inconsistency that i hate.

Other than that, the actual story is wonderful. how you portrayed the characters, the environment and the plot. it's really well done.

while i was having trouble with the fact that ur fic is not chronologic (the flashbacks got on my nerves) it didn't take away the enjoyment at all. the romance is also really well done, it wasn't too fast not was it too slow, just perfect!

tho the setting in which they got together could've had a better place and time.

rant done.

good job! i do read and love ur other stories too. I also won't let my hate for overly nerfed naruto halt me from reading the only ff7 naruto xover i came across with such length!

I'd give this fic an 8/10 for the first 23 chapters.
5/25/2020 c22 supboyyyyy93
So that's where Sasuke is, i was wondering what ever happened to him. The story so far is great, im really enjoying reading it.
5/23/2020 c1 Arrexu
does someone know if there ar anymore Naruto x FF7? if so pls dm Me!

also, awesome fic!
5/23/2020 c18 supboyyyyy93
Man! Im loving the story so far, i think it's great.
5/22/2020 c9 supboyyyyy93
Yes, this is what i was waiting for, well mainly anyway im still looking forward to a lot actually( like Sasuke, Naruto and Aerith finally getting together among other things). Story is great so far in my opinion.
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