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3/4/2012 c2 nim istar
nice story so far, there are so few naruto/ff7 crossovers (at least that are active) so it's good to see another.

since this is looking to be naruto/aerith, i'm interested to see what you will do later on when she's supposed to die. i doubt you will kill her, at lease if the pairing will be naruto/aerith, but her death is pretty much the whole reason the game didn't end right there. had she lived, holy would have been summoned and sephiroth's plan would have been derailed.

hoping to see more, of this and some of your other stories, soon.
3/4/2012 c2 ZeroLink21
good job cant wait to read more so keep up the awesome work and i so hope Aerith lives so pissed me off when she died in the game
3/4/2012 c2 12Alec McDowell
Nice update here. The situation between Aerith and Naruto is intriguing mostly because Naruto is unsure of how he feels and isn't willing to just announce he loves her.

The fight between naruto and the Turks was interesting as well; Naruto was clearly just feeling them out though I'm not sure if showing the clones was smart. It all depends on if he wants to intimidate Shinra with powerful 'magic' or just show enough to keep them coming after her but still beating them up each time.

Naruto needing to protect Aerith is going to hamper his movements greatly though. Perhaps he can use some fuuinjutsu techniques to protect their home and the church? Barriers of sorts are seen often enough so if seals work as intended in this world they could help out a lot for whenever Naruto needs to take off.
3/4/2012 c2 3trekki859
fucking hell. seriously. concentrate on your core story's first man.
3/4/2012 c2 ArtanisRose
Loving it! And gods be damned I will MAIM you if she dies in the City of the Ancients! First time I ever saw her die via Sephiroth I was so PISSED. I think it was one of the few times that I actually cried over a bloody video game.
3/4/2012 c2 SoulNinjas
Nice work on the story... like I tell my sis it will be amusing to see Zack, Naruto, and Yuffie meet together..I could totally see Zack look between Cloud and Naruto and ask Cloud if he had siblings he doesn't know about.. sadly never seen a ff7 and naruto crossover that had that yet.
3/4/2012 c2 29kazikamikaze24
Yahoo! This was an interesting chapter, though I am a bit annoyed that his abilities are separated. What can I say? I believe that it will be more of a hindrance than a benefit, unless he can surgically implant a materia holder inside of him that would allow him to use multiple for combination attacks, but I doubt that is a course for him to take. Either way, I can't wait for the next chapter!
3/4/2012 c2 5Orchamus
Heh, foolish they, to provoke the wrath of an Uzumaki. Long-lived people have longer memories, and longer tempers.
3/4/2012 c2 1ddcj1990
Sweet I like how Naruto rescue Aerith from being caught I wonder what will happen next also I still think you should have Naruto paired with Aerith and Tifa
3/4/2012 c2 the ultimadum
Wow. That WAS really fast. Digging the work youce done. Good job and better luck to ya!
3/4/2012 c2 psp reader
nice and fast. man! you are quick! hope you keep up the momentum... fluffy stuff!
3/4/2012 c2 Shin'en of the Chaotic Destiny
Heh, that was a great chapter and battle as well. It was very invigorating, I hope the next one will be just as great as this one.


3/4/2012 c2 KafeiDetour
Excellent story, I loved the characterizations and I am eagerly awaiting to see how this story develops.
3/4/2012 c2 1Akira Stridder
I got a quick question does Naruto know seals? He is an expert? If so he could protect her home with seals..
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