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6/30/2019 c19 Guest
I had to pause at the hummer part. Why waste chakra on such an attack? He couldve easily used a kunai with an explosive tag right? Why a vaporizing beam attack? Especially with this chakra nerfing of his?

1 sub B rank equaling 4B ranks and being really tiring for him who could spam A rank rasengan.
6/30/2019 c17 Guest
I'm voting for Naruto/Aerith/Cissnei/Yuffie
6/30/2019 c14 Guest
Two comments. One, while he was doing all that fighting not one of them went over to the damned button to guard it or try to disable the damned thing? After all they cant just move in in the platform and guard it day in and out.

Two, you'd think naruto has enough experience by now that he wouldn't flinch from a clone popping. I'm annoyed Reno is even considered a true match for him lasting that long with only getting nicks here and there.

Could he really be considered ANBU level?

I will say I understand he hadn't hand a proper fight in a while since even his ability to train against himself was freaking stripped from himself. Since he gets headaches from being forced to see from all the clones perspectives fighting himself and its disorienting even fighting one clone. Again with more irritating nerfing.
6/30/2019 c14 Guest
First thoughts on the start of the chapter. Gotta save barret repeatedly mentioned. I'm thinking, what the hell about jessie? Anyone give a damn about her?

Then of course she's dead too.
6/30/2019 c13 Guest
Oh yeah for ff7 story sake on it's own with or without naruto I dont get how they couldn't take a second to just say the words: shinra is going to drop the plate, everyone get out of this sector.

For this stories sake and narutos caring nature I'm sure he couldve said that much as well. I'm guessing with wedge going splat that even with him in the story he wont change any of the others fates.
6/30/2019 c13 Guest
A few things with this chapter.

First off again with his strength. Naruto like many others could land a blow sending people cratering into the ground, boulders, ground, multiple trees and so on. I'm fairly certain I've seen him punch a snake summons hard enough to smack its head away and at least hurt it.

If aiming for the joints his hits should be enough to hurt it while it being a boss fight was a relatively weak one at lv18.

I mean his hits when chakra empowered can be damaging. Same with empowering his body I dont think he would be one shorted by a smack from that thing in the slightest.

The giant rasengan I'm fairly certain doesnt explode and cause fire damage. Burst of energy with a shockwave sure.

With the way it's supposed to drill I have trouble believing it wouldnt so more damage than it did.

Also in general he should've had an easier time in general. A punch from him in the eye should've been enough to burst it. A chakra enhanced throw, even without infusing his kunai would've been enough throwing 2 at blinding speed through its eyes bursting them.

Explosive tagged in the socket assuming they didnt pierce the brain due to angle (since the eyes would in no way be dense enough to slow kunai that could pierce through trees if thrown hard enough) would blow its head apart for sure.

It seems like an attempt was made for the fight to be realistic and the huge monster ro be overpowering but to me they had way more trouble than they should've. At least naruto did.

Also again with "ninja speed" with clones he could carry them. It's not like he hasnt done so even as a kid carrying someone for a good distance at high speed.

He is someone who can last in a prolonged fight but he is getting winded and drained way to easily for post 4th war naruto even if he lost.

A side note I dont get his sub elements being hugely wasteful. They're supposed to be difficult because of having advanced skill in the elements and knowing how to mix and manipulate them. Not that they require a ton more chakra to pull off.

On that note I remember the life release bugged me too. Yamato could spam huge wooden beams in mass which should still be living wood. The first hokage even able to grow a small forest essentially. Yet he is winded with 500 flowers? With his chakra reserves?

I'm having issues with the power scaling here. Even with the several handicaps I've already mentioned that out right nerfed him, I'm not a fan of what he had been left with seemingly being nerfed as well.
6/30/2019 c13 Guest
The question he was wondering was about what they should do now. He could probably climb up, but he wouldn't be able to take all three of them, and using clones would drain his chakra far too quickly, especially after having already used that jutsu so many times already. Even if he managed to make it to the top, he would be useless later on.

This bugs me. As in really annoys me. He could ninja speed run for hours on end. Used to be able to summon thousands of clones. Now however just this is too much for him.
6/30/2019 c12 Guest
Naruto is fast. Really fast and quite strong. I have trouble believing he couldn't down a guy with one hit when they're not even in soldier. Like the butler who he did get the first hit off of.

Also again with the speed. He should be able to pummel and weave through guards easily enough I can't help but think. Even if it's not the older him dodging energy beams that can cut a moon in half he should be quicker.
6/30/2019 c9 Guest
So yet ANOTHER handicap with the chakra costs too? Hes gotta be damned weak in comparison to normal now. Theres been nothing on him talking to kurama so either hes out cold, in a summoning materia or stripped from him entirely.

Either way for sure he would have his ass handed to him with ease now from stronger opponents and not just sephiroth with all these handicaps unless he ends up able to use his biju cloak.
6/30/2019 c8 Guest
Enjoying the story so far myself. Still bummed by the severe handicap though.
6/29/2019 c6 Guest
The whole peaceful days coming to an end comment. Making me remember she dies disc damn 1. Of course no one ever goes back at any point to speak to her adoptive mother.

Also reminds me of the bastard during the crossdressing event that sends everyone through the trap door into the sewers. If I remember right no one ever ends up dealing with the bastard and he continues his scummy ways.

I'm hoping I'd the story has the crossdressing event that if he "falls" for the pit. It has him grabbing everyone and wall walking them back up and ending the bastard. Leaving them with plenty of time to save the others in avalanche from dying and if not stopping the plates drop. At least getting as many people out as possible before it does. Though I doubt there will be time to do so for any on the upper plate.

Since this story decided to remove his ability to use thousands of clones as if it hasnt handicapped him enough.
6/29/2019 c4 Guest
I think it would be interesting if he kept his abilities but the planet copied them, manifesting materia from his body. They'd need to be used and gather strength to fully draw out their use of the knowledge inside them to be mastered and manifest a copy but it would allow him to allow another in this case series to use his abilities.

I think I remember advent children having the enemy character using more than one materia within their arm. I was thinking perhaps that could be a thing if it's one they've mastered allowing direct use without equipment.
6/29/2019 c1 Guest

First off why does him being shifted from one world to the other somehow alter his physical being completely altering him into a gain? As if some all mighty God of that universe has a universal law in effect that all existences can only exist a certain way.

Second, just one materia? Despite originally being a part of him he can only use one at a time. If that's not bad and screwed up enough he cant even equip the others on equipment like everyone else thus handicapping him even further? What the hell for.

Finally what's with the back story? Hes not strong enough to deal with the war and it went on and on but he had the time to train in several combination elements including Dust. Which by the way is an advanced combination of 3 elements instead if 2 like the others listed. What the heck?
6/20/2019 c1 NazgulBelserion
I remember now why Im not interested in this it was cause you added Sasuke to this god I hate that character ppl always add him to damn crossovers why can't he just be left in the elemental nation's and fuck off noo they have to always bring him to be annoying
6/11/2019 c35 4reaver216
This is an awesome story but there are some things that need fixed on several chapters that if you were to read your story you will see what I am talking about as there were many also you kept flipping back and forth calling Red XIII a feline and canine as I'm not sure whether or not the game ever said what he was as it has been a long time since I played it but I think you should choose one and keep with it and just as a suggestion maybe you could use his real name but I understand if you don't as by this time in their journey they are probably used to calling him Red XIII so it's not a big deal. I hope you keep going with this story as it is in my humble opinion an epic story
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