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11/2/2018 c8 17Luciendar
I find it amusing that you call people idiots who say something wasn't 'what they wanted to read' I mean, that's what reviews are for. For readers to express opinions on a story. If you don't care about the opinions of other on what you write, why would you even post them. The fact that you do post them clearly means you care, and that you want positive feedback. The fact that you felt the need to vent that in your authors note shows how much it actually does bother you as well. If it didn't you would have just ignored it and gone on, not giving it a second thought. That's a fact.

To be fair, I think people who call people idiots over expressing an honest and non-offensive opinion are the real idiots. I hate people who simply flame for no reason though, just wanted to add that last part.
11/2/2018 c4 Luciendar
I fully understand your authors note at the end of this chapter, but as one of the people who disliked Sasuke being in the story, I feel it is my duty to defend that opinion to some degree. Now, I'm not debating the fact that this is your story or anything like that so you call the shots. Of course, when people read a cross-over there is no limit to the amount of details you can pull from each world. That being said, when many of us read the summary that you posted for this story, I believe that we, or at least I, was looking forward to a story that revolved around Naruto dealing with the world of Final Fantasy 7. Bringing in Sasuke deviates the attention.

To be honest, it's already kind of annoying how little power you are letting Naruto display, but that I'm sure you'll expand on later. Or at least I hope.

See, what we are hoping to see is how Naruto deals with Sephiroth and Shinra. That kind of stuff. If we wanted to read about Naruto fighting Sasuke, then we could have read any of the thousand some stories that are posted about it in the Naruto section. You don't seem to register that. I'm not saying that your story will be bad. You seem to be a talented writer, if a bit overly detail oriented. I'm just tired of Sasuke, and chidori, and the sharingan and didn't want those to be the issues Naruto faced in this world. I hope that this helps you understand our, or at least me, trepidation on the matter.
11/2/2018 c3 Luciendar
I was really hoping that there wouldn't be other characters from Naruto in this story. But I guess Sasuke just showed up. That completely ruin this story for me. Damn it.
9/15/2018 c23 1JadeDragon100
The entire time with the desert section I was just reading it in slight confusion, especially when it was confirmed what area it was supposed to be with the chocobo ranch and dead ‘worm’ on the other side; thanks to that I was constantly trying to figure out why it wasn’t the usual swamp area; when you explained at the bottom though it at least made sense; now as for the story in general, I’m still loving it. I started reading it a while back and have been on and off it considering it’s size. Good grammar almost always, two franchises that I honestly love we’re put together exactly how I hoped to find one as, and dang it I’m too excited for narutos meetings with sephiroth and Sasuke (though the whole amnesia for Sasuke thing is definitely frustrating, even if I see the reasoning behind it) so yeah, lovely story, best crossover of these series I’ve found yet, and definitely plan to continue reading this to the newest chapter.
8/25/2018 c12 Mythiggy
Reading your stories again because they're so enjoyable. I have to say that I've noticed that in those stories that Naruto is xovered into another setting he is also under the trope of "Worf has the Flu".

Something always interferes with his ability to fight so that he cannot use his Post!War abilities. This, of course, allows the story to progress in its original format. That's not to say that there isn't curbstomping but never where it would truly affect the story.

Is this just so that you can preserve the storyline and have a guide to follow? Nonetheless I like this story. And will read it again. And again when I find myself missing it.

Hope that your original series is doing well. Thumbs up.
8/13/2018 c29 1Pbc98
Aerith better not die man, a majority of your readers would riot
7/22/2018 c4 KakeruPB
I have question which is probably common for you but where is Kurama? I miss that giant ball of fluff.
7/14/2018 c35 creativesm75
7/13/2018 c35 Poormandestroyer
I love ur story take ur time I'm appreciate a good story can't wait for ur next chapter of this story but no rush
7/4/2018 c35 The1Myth
I found this story and now I'm liking it a lot... I just hope something doesn't happen that did happen in the games (a certain woman's death.. cause Naruto deserves happiness in a form of a wife and some children IMO)
6/16/2018 c35 lou2003us
I really want to see what happens next. Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the great work!
6/7/2018 c1 BlackCrystal06
I'm so far behind the story that I needed to reread it all again! Well, doesnt matter. I love the story
5/20/2018 c4 12noddwyd
Well, I assume that Sasuke is here for two possible reasons. One, to get Kurama, two, to get Naruto and seal Kaguya. With not a care in the world for what happens to Gaia or its people. Or three, he is sick of the eternal illusion bullshit and left to find out what happened to Naruto and finally kill him and any new friends he has. Crazy assholes sometimes do that.
5/14/2018 c4 dragon slayer of death 98
if you have naruto sleep with tifa please have them be in a relationship or something, don't have it be like casual because that feels like something tifa wouldn't do, i don't see her sleeping with people without knowing them for a while, hell i'm half convinced she is a virgin even though she dresses how she does, and it feels insulting to tifa too, hell i prefer cloud with tifa if i'm honest, i actually like them together, id rather naruto and tifa just be friends
5/7/2018 c3 iamjmph01
well... i was with you till now. Involving sasuke and maybe madara as well just threw it off for me. Thanks for writing, and sharing with us, its just.. not for me.
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