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for The Legend of Gaia's Sennin

5/4/2018 c30 3doraemax
Why Naruto. I think Cloud should be the racer... after all, doesn't he have a way with Chocobo? haha
4/20/2018 c3 11jangoman1579
Really you brought sasuke in here
3/29/2018 c35 Mark
At last a new chapter after so long
3/24/2018 c4 7ShaiGar
What doesn't make sense is the timing. The Turks have been trying to kidnap her for months, before canon starts?
3/14/2018 c35 link01742
Yay Anime Beach episode! haha loved it :)
3/13/2018 c35 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
3/12/2018 c35 1rykott
Good stuff. I enjoyed this chapter.

I did find it amusing that Naruto got Vincent to join a little easier with a casual dose of talk no jutsu.

I did like seeing the small amount of shock in Sephiroth's eyes when Naruto intercepted him.

I am looking forward to seeing how you handle Cid and his relationship with Shera, I can't see Naruto letting it go as easily.

I look forward to more as we slowly creep towards the moment that I am super looking forward to seeing how you handle it.
3/9/2018 c33 Guest
That moment where you realize that this is FFXV boysband simulator before FFXV but better, and with girlsband simulator too.
3/9/2018 c31 Guest
DIO in Kars, it's gonna be good.
3/9/2018 c35 Guest
When Vincent say nothing, everyone should listen and not press on, when he say something else, everyone should listen that the rule !

Also fuck yes, new chapter, welcome back !
3/11/2018 c35 2Narudevilfan
Still going strong. Honestly, I like that so far you've kept true to the story while still managing to add in Naruto's contributions. Plus, I really appreciate your success at keeping the characters in character. At least they feel in character to me. Lol
3/11/2018 c35 Dark Durian
Hahaha. Vincent is quite amusing despite his rugged exterior, Naruto and Yuffie will have a hard fought battle ahead of them to get Vincent out of his shell. Nice to see Tifa giving off hints to Cloud, though it is obviously hard for him to act on them, especially considering what WE know of his condition. Perhaps they'll get together after Cloud regains his full memories and differenciate Zacks from his own.
3/10/2018 c1 reaperofsanity
when I woke up today I did not expect to see an update for one of my favorite stories of all time
3/10/2018 c8 2Kitsune Obsessed Freak
My brain is forcing me to read this, and I'm enjoying every minute of it! Lol
3/10/2018 c35 GreaterGrail
You're doing great. Keep going.
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