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for The Legend of Gaia's Sennin

3/10/2018 c10 2Newotouto
i don't know..
naruto behavior is did'tn with my knowledge from chap 1 to 3/4 (i think).
when you say mey has corrupting naruto but he still got flustered?

ah wtf.
(exuse my grammar).
3/9/2018 c35 5Shodaime Gahokage
Well there are arcs

Freedom fighters- game start to reactor 7 coming down
Enemy no 1- Shinra infiltration to Junon ferry
The western continent- Costa del sol to ancient temple
The last of the cetra- everything left until end of disk 1
The north continent- star of disk 2 to weapon release
WEAPON- Junon execution to return to Midgard.
The last preparations- every sidequest that don't slip seamlessly in the story before (AKA fillers)
Savior of Gaia- Cloud and Tifa under the Highwind to Holly
Advent Children

It's been a while since I played Dirige of Cerberus
3/9/2018 c35 2V01dSw0rd
'it waS lonely'
'REUNION' (out of order)

what about Lost Number - the monster hidden in the Safe?

Also, Naruto would likely be best one to help with Chaos - both due to his experience with Kurama, and because of his connection to Gaia...
3/9/2018 c35 3KitsuneNaruto135
Nice to see this still being updated. :) That said, you might want to focus less on certain aspects of the story that are like a video game, or make them your own. Some parts aren't going to translate well.

As an example, the puzzle to unlock the safe. In a game that's fine; you explore, find the code, open the safe. But in a written work its just kind of... odd.

Don't be afraid to make your own plot threads. I honestly consider the start of your story to be the best part of it, the part before you began with the game's plot. You were running on your own ideas and it was really good. Once the Plot rolled around you seemed to get really wrapped up in having it go just like it did in the game; its okay for things to change, or for the group to make different choices, for some problems to be solved easily by Naruto's presence where other unforeseen problems arise in their place.

Still glad to see an update for it, i enjoy reading it. :) Keep up the good work.
3/9/2018 c1 8Quathis
Vincent will bring his own flair to the group, and I bet he'll remind Naruto of the relationship he might have had with Sasuke, if the latter's head wasn't so stuck in revenge that he was painfully blind to pretty much all else. I bet helping Vincent with his emotional woes might help Naruto lay a couple of his own to rest. Until next time.
3/9/2018 c35 2Hisoka316
Another great chapter, you literally made my day/night, week/month lol. This is my absolutely favorite story of yours and this one and Shifts is what made me read your novels. Thanks for the update and keep up the great work. Very interested to see how you handle the City of the Ancients.
3/9/2018 c35 hawkeyestratos1996
3/9/2018 c35 Jose19
This is the best Final Fantasy crossover in this site too bad you won't pursue Fanfiction anymore because this fic was the one that got me interested in your writing.

I still consider Final Fantasy 7 one of my favorite games because of the plot and the characters involve, and the tragic fate of the girl in the end.
3/9/2018 c35 11Gabriel Herrol
Fantastic chapter. I really liked it. It's good to see it updated. :) It's a bit lame for a review, but I don't really have anything specific to say. ''
3/9/2018 c35 Train Heartnett
Awessome !
3/9/2018 c35 8Jebest4781
great chapter and love that now Vincent has joined the party
3/9/2018 c35 bloody sleeping dragon
Thank you for the awesome chapter.
3/9/2018 c35 3Reishin Amara
I still think sephiroth is vincents son...
3/9/2018 c1 merlin.mendoza.jker
what you do is remarkablr
3/9/2018 c35 3Archilles
Omg you're an amazing author! Best and thanks for up
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