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3/11/2017 c1 DBlade59
Just want to throw an idea for a story out there for you or whoever reads and want to use it. possible Naruto crossover for Star War or Mass Effect (maybe just a regular/time-travel Naruto story), smarter deadlier gray Naruto (maybe female), gone through the same modification thing as 4th war Kabuto but better (add 3rd Raikage armored skin/body, Tobirama water nature mutated to boost all 5 basic natures, Haku's ice, Guren's crystal, 3rd and 4th kazekage magnet nature, Hashirama's wood and healing, Pakura's scorch, Mu's dust and stealth skills, Kurama clan's genjutsu without second personality, Hanzo poison resistance and natural/impressive skills, more of Orochimaru's skills, remove scales and navel snake), has snake summoning contract and mastered its sage mode, skilled in all category of ninja arts and has large arsenal of jutsu for each, has extremely large chakra reserves with high amount of control, may or may not have tailed-beast sealed in him/her but do add Utakata's bubbles/acid? and Gaara's sand, possibly have as Orochimaru's son/daughter (by blood or adoption)
possible pairing Mass Effect: Jack or Shepard, Star Wars: Ventress or Ahsoka, Naruto: depends on time and setup
3/11/2017 c21 Joe
Continue good work
3/11/2017 c32 Guest
I saw someone else point it out, but I want to reiterate it:

You had Tifa both stay with Cloud to watch over Mrs. Faire and follow the group to the reactor and fight.

Might wanna fix that.
3/12/2017 c32 ABitterPill
Ya know, while I hope Naruto and Aerith remain together for a very long time and Naruto can prevent Aerith's fate at the end of disc 1, I am kind of hoping that Shiva and Cissnei end up with him as well. Shiva does seem to be appearing quite regularly.
3/12/2017 c32 Treant Balewood
Naruto had Tifa a Cloud stay behind but in the next scene Tifa is still there not sure which is the error
I think you meant 'Titan is a straitlaced summon. Very surly'
Enjoyed the chapter, enjoy a lot of the byplay, Thanks for Writing!
3/10/2017 c32 Reishin Amara
ha...i bet when he fights Proud Clod he will use the Magnet Release I can see the thing just imploding...or maybe he will use it on Shinras cannon?o.o
3/12/2017 c4 1Loudest Tom
3/11/2017 c32 1Mizuno Tenshi2
"I will reinforce my eyes to keep it from spreading.I think you meant ice instead of eyes? Good chapter as usual, though. _
3/11/2017 c32 haseothesage
I liked it but so far I have yet to see you give Naruto a proper challenge while in this world(I said this world, Sasuke doesn't count) that could defeat him. I like a powerful/godlike Naruto story but I also like to see him have a challenge or two where just bringing a new rasengan or kyubbi sage mode wont be enough to curb stomp a win for him. In FF7 when I played no matter how high you made your people's level, there was still someone or something that could one-shot them if they got arrogantly got careless. "Ohh look at me I'm lvl 99 nothing can hurt me" special monster shows up and one-shot kills em "what the fuck happened!". yeah so for me I'm not saying you don't have something planned but at least hint at something that Naruto believes he's not going to beat hands down, something that has no weakness he can find, techniques that wont work, plan that will be seen through before they work. A challenge that forces him to go outside his normal strategy of how to fight.
3/11/2017 c32 1R-king 93
Excellent chapter, I enjoy this chapter
3/10/2017 c32 Dark Durian
Heh, talk about overkill. I wonder if Titan will remember the feeling of being annihilated by Naruto's technique? Some nice fight scenes here along with some amusing ones via Barrett with Yuffie and Naruto with Cissnei. I look forward to Naruto's meeting with Nanaki's 'grandfather' and the talk they'll have about the planet next time.
3/10/2017 c32 45Dante 101
*Blinks* Wow. Two chapters for this story in a month? That's a new record for you. Well done.

You can't sue someone for artificial intelligence abuse! Can you?

Naruto is telling Yuffie and Cissnei to leave to safety so they won't get caught in the attack and Yuffie is complaining that she can't see it up close? Could she please act more serious at times?

Soooo...why didn't Shiva prevent the explosion from going past the Mako Reactor?

Is Naruto going to get all the summons?

Cait Sith is cowardly and had no fighting potential. Why is he with the group again?

Good chapter.
3/10/2017 c32 DaJuggernaut512
Holy continuity error, Batman!
You left Tifa with Cloud to watch over Mrs. Faire, but she suddenly appears with the rest of the group at the Mako reactor.

And the DIO omake last chapter, made my day.
Now I want Hojo's Bizarre Adventure to be a thing.
3/10/2017 c32 Blizzard Blood Wolf77
I felt bad for Zack's parents since they weren't told what happend, since the difference were huge on how his death went. I also feel bad for those that Zack was close to, Tseng and Cissnei the most since they did work with him, Angeal killed by him, Sephiroth beaten by him, Cloud with Mako poisoning, and Aerith thinking his parents living in the same city. Tifa hardly knew him despite being the tour guide. Yuffie "defeated" him once in Wutai. Now I wonder how Nanashi will be when he's back home in Cosmo Canyon with Naruto in the story, since he is much like Zack with how he is.

Still wonder how it would be Naruto having both Aerith and Tifa, leaving Yuffie with Cloud, though I wonder how Naruto would react to Vincent once they reach Nibelheim, since Vincent is someone that is difficult to get rid of
3/10/2017 c32 NatNicole
*giggles* Naruto's love for the car is adorable!
Heh, Cait Sith's entertaining! *keeps snickering*
*facepalms* YUFFIE! Even someone as socially retarded as me knows that comments like that are rude!
That's Zack's mum, isn't it?
Poor Cloud... With his head a total mess, it's no wonder the guy's zoning out sometimes!
Yup, called it. Hi Zack's mum! *waves, grinning*
POOR AERITH! *hugs her* You'll survive this, sweetie. You're not alone!
I'm glad she tells Naruto about Zack, though.
*snickers* Yuffie trying to help, in her own way, is bound to annoy a short-tempered guy like Barret a lot!
YAY, Reno! *grins in shameless excitement*
Barret, right now I admire you for being wise.
Hehe, figures that's where Cissnei is!
*snickers some more, then glomps Naruto*
I love Cissnei & Naruto's conversation! *grins Zack-style*
Teehee, Cloud's baffled by how well Naruto & Cissnei (more or less) get along!
Now I feel bad for Barrett; he rushed over to warn everyone, but they're all chilling with one Turk & Zack's mum.
*holds up index finger, grinning* The Turks are Naruto's frenemies!
U-oh! I hope Zack's dad gets rescued on time!
WOOHOO! Go, Yuffie! *cheers gleefully*
Teehee, I absolutely LOVE the conversation Cissnei has with the others about Naruto!
*shrugs* There's no kill like overkill...
Off to Cosmo Canyon! *pumping her fist, grins Naruto-style*

Naruto is NOT overbearing in this story, as far as I'm concerned.
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